The Nine 2023: Brandon Heinz

Brandon Heinz, The Nine 2023
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Title: Product Manager

Company: Renkus-Heinz

Location: Los Angeles

Overtime: Heinz organizes dance music events with a group of best friends, highlighting domestic and international artists and record labels, and produces his own house and techno music.

Why You Need to Know Him: With a formal education in biology, Brandon Heinz brings a unique perspective to systems-level thinking. This approach allows him to dissect and analyze how various parts of an AV system work together, allowing him to identify the appropriate trends that will enable Renkus-Heinz to connect with a broader market.

After a reluctant start to his AV career, working at Renkus-Heinz after college to make some extra money, Heinz fell in love with the atmosphere and his interest grew from there. As a technician in their electronics production department, he worked closely with their engineers as they completed design validation testing on an IC-Squared project. This experience jumpstarted his interest in loudspeaker systems, and he began attending as many classes as possible with SynAudcon, leading him into applications engineering.

I’ve been incredibly blessed to work around and learn from some of the industry’s brightest minds.

As an applications engineer, Heinz immersed himself in all aspects of sound system life, including concept development, design, commissioning, and post-sales support. He also was able to take part in acoustic evaluations of the Renkus-Heinz Gen 5 product line.

Following a short stint working as an audio system engineer with Faraday Future, Heinz returned to Renkus-Heinz to take on his current role as a product manager. In this role, he has streamlined development procedures and feedback mechanisms, helping them be more responsive to their partners and refine their future product offerings.

“I’ve been incredibly blessed to work around and learn from some of the industry’s brightest minds,” said Heinz. “I owe so much of my current knowledge, skillset, and relative success to a few of my favorite mentors, and I couldn’t be more grateful for those opportunities.”

Heinz thrives on the teamwork-based atmosphere of the Pro AV industry, and feels every project is an opportunity to learn from the client’s perspective. “An excellent AV system integration takes a lot of knowledge about many disciplines, and to provide the correct solution, you often must rely on many people to get the most out of the whole system,” he explained. He takes pride in seeing his clients thrive and watching them utilize Renkus-Heinz solutions in a variety of places with greater consistency and less time on site.

Heinz feels you can never stop learning, and recommends always looking for takeaways from every situation. “Nearly everything we’re confronted with can be a learning exercise if you have the right mindset,” he added, “and approaching challenges with an open mind will allow you to gather new and helpful information, even in seemingly insignificant areas.”

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