The Importance of Respecting Expertise in IT Professionals (EDUCAUSE Review)

"Information technology changes at a rapid pace, and the higher education environment is also changing at a fast rate. Combined, these two forces create a challenging environment for IT staff. Because the higher education IT environment consists of a wide user base including faculty, researchers, staff, and students, the IT landscape is a combination of an enterprise and a home environment, with IT staff troubleshooting many different devices from classrooms, offices, and dorm rooms. The Internet of Things (IoT) adds complexities of support and integrating devices to work together. The result is very different from an IT environment in which the business usually controls the technology that is used. In higher education, the user often determines the technology."—Source: EDUCAUSE Review

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"IT professional" is a bit of a misnomer. The role is almost like that of a Swiss Army Knife today as IT leaders manage so many areas of critical importance—data, security, connectivity, and beyond. This Educause piece offers practical ways to invest in and respect IT's evolving role on campus. Share it with your colleagues and IT friends.