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TEXVOX Adds HTML5 Compatibility Across its Camera Range

TEKVOX Conferencing Camera
(Image credit: TEKVOX)

The What: TEKVOX has announced that its cameras are now compatible with the HTML5 standard, enabling camera control via web portals.

The What Else: TEKVOX’s cameras are part of the company’s Drop-In A/V solutions for videoconferencing and distance learning; cameras may also be purchased separately for video capture in classrooms and conference rooms. Most available cameras support resolutions up to 1080p; however, TEKVOX has recently added 4K cameras for customers who demand the highest standard in video quality. In addition, TEKVOX offers two new auto-tracking cameras to capture speakers dynamically: the Wunderbar All-in-One Conferencing Bar—featuring a built-in microphone and speaker—and the stand-alone HD/1080p Auto-Tracking Camera, with smooth 10x optical zoom.

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TEKVOX’s PTZ cameras have different levels of zoom: from 5x optical zoom—for use in small spaces requiring a wide field of view—up to 20x zoom for larger lecture halls. They feature smooth and precise movement for pan, tilt, and zoom operations.

All the cameras offered by TEKVOX are available with HDMI or HDBaseT outputs. In addition to TCP/IP (web-based) control, they are controllable via RS-232, RS-422/485, or the included IR remotes.

“The new auto-tracking and 4K cameras bolster our full range of professional-quality PTZ cameras,” said TEKVOX CEO Jim Reinhart. “By offering HTML5 compatibility, all TEKVOX cameras are now fully qualified for corporate and educational applications in a post-Flash world.”

The Bottom Line: With Adobe ceasing to distribute and update Flash Player after December 31, 2020, HTML5 is recognized as a viable alternative for Flash content, and major browsers have integrated the open standard. TEKVOX has recognized this industry shift by providing HTML5 compatibility for control of its cameras.


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