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Stackable Credentials: Defining Their Value (The EvoLLLution)

"Diana stopped at her mother’s house to pick up her infant son. After a full day of classes followed by being on her feet at her convenience store job all evening, she felt much older than her 22 years. As she looked at her little boy, whom she hadn’t seen since the morning, she was glad that a friend had talked her into starting the 15-credit certificate in business technology when she found out she was expecting. She would complete the certificate in three weeks, and already the number and quality of interviews to which she was invited had improved. She was looking forward to eight-hour workdays and a better paycheck, but the key value of the certificate to her would be getting to spend more time with her baby."—Source: The EvoLLLution

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Nontraditional students are becoming the majority, and stackable credentials offer programming that better fits the needs and schedules of older students who work or have families. While there is institutional cost involved in building out these programs, creating new pathways that serve more kinds of learners is a major benefit.