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Sennheiser Study Shows 29 Percent of Workers Use Audio to Enhance Concentration

Sennheiser Study Shows 29 Percent of Workers Use Audio to Enhance Concentration
(Image credit: Sennheiser)

As part of an effort to gather market intelligence prior to the launch of its new MB 360 headset, Sennheiser conducted a survey of 2,500 employees throughout the U.S., Germany, United Kingdom, France, Singapore, and Hong Kong, asking how office workers are leveraging their headsets to increase productivity.  “Our latest study shows that 29 percent of office workers use a headset when they need to concentrate,” said Theis Mork, vice president of product management enterprise solutions at Sennheiser. The headset’s Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) technology helps enhance the user’s ability to focus.

The way we work is undergoing an evolution. Work styles and office spaces are changing and organizations are trying to create healthy environments for their employees. More and more people are conducting business in noisy environments, open office settings, or on the go. Global audio specialist Sennheiser has responded to the demands of modern work life with the new MB 360 UC Bluetooth headset. The company says its ANC technology efficiently reduces background noises and helps professionals to increase their work focus. With a talk time of up to 25 hours, the soft ear pads are designed to ensure excellent comfort even after hours of wearing.

“The office space per person has declined over the past 20 years and open offices are on the rise, making it harder for us to concentrate without being interrupted by our co-workers," Mork said. "Sennheiser’s recent study shows that almost a third of office workers use a headset to concentrate without distraction. Our MB 360 UC Bluetooth headset addresses that challenge and helps professionals take their productivity to the next level.”

Additional data from the study shows that flexibility is more important than ever to today’s workforce. Professionals are working in the office as well as from home and on the go, and prefer to easily switch between business calls and music during their workdays.

“According to our data, 27 percent of today’s office workers prefer to listen to music while working," Mork said. "A modern headset should therefore not just ensure great call quality but also a premium audio experience. Sennheiser’s MB 360 UC Bluetooth headset comes with premium sound quality and empowers its users to work to their own soundtrack from anywhere: on the train, at the airport, or in the traditional office space.”

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