SCN Stocking Stuffer: Vanco International HD4KTEST

(Image credit: Vanco)

Everybody loves the quality and convenience of HDMI—until something goes wrong. Then it’s a big problem. Thankfully, Vanco has a small solution: the new HD4KTEST. This one will move quickly from the stocking to your field engineer’s tool bag.

The HD4KTEST is a handheld HDMI tester that you can use in the field to troubleshoot passive and active HDMI installation issues. For example, it works as a signal generator. Connect the HDMI output to a display to check if video signals and HDCP are passed. Or connect a source to the 4D4KTEST input so you can emulate the signal coming out to the HDMI sink using the LED lights.

With support for 4K and 1080p resolutions, the HD4KTEST offers 16 combinations for replicating and resolving common issues. It’s small enough to fit in your pocket, but it also comes with a zippered carrying case.

SCN Stocking Stuffer

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Mark J. Pescatore
Content Director

Mark J. Pescatore, Ph.D., is the content director of Systems Contractor News. He has been writing about Pro AV industry for more than 25 years. Previously, he spent more than eight years as the editor of Government Video magazine. During his career, he's produced and hosted two podcasts focused on the professional video marketplace, taught more than a dozen college communication courses, co-authored the book Working with HDV, and co-edited two editions of The Guide to Digital Television.