Q-SYS' Answer to Supply Chain Issues for the Control Space?

Q-SYS vCore and Q-SYS Control
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Coming in November 2022, Q-SYS will release Q-SYS vCore processor, the first virtualized processing solution for Q-SYS, and the accompanying Q-SYS Control feature license for Q-SYS vCore processor, bringing scalable control capabilities directly to the users' own compute devices. 

At a high level, Q-SYS vCore processor plus Q-SYS Control feature license for vCore is a virtualized control solution for simple collaboration spaces whose audio/UC&C requirements are fulfilled by more standalone hardware. This solution adds enhanced control, automation, UX capabilities, remote monitoring, and helpdesk features to systems. In an earlier press release, Jatan Shah, President, and Chief Operating Officer, QSC, LLC, added, "These latest innovations will also aid in reducing the industry's supply chain challenges and continue to transcend the traditional limitation of bespoke hardware with the power of a robust, software-based AV&C Platform." 

Everyone knows that electronic component shortages continue to plague every aspect of manufacturing in virtually every industry. Combine that with an increased need to turn every space into a hybrid collaboration space practically overnight, and you've got AV/IT departments scrambling to bolster the capability of legacy equipment and often unable to remotely control or monitor the rooms because of the lack of product availability.

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Q-SYS' answer to helping AV/IT departments to roll out multitudes of simple video conferencing spaces that all perform the same control functionalities with a consistent UX, is vCore plus the Control license. Keeping it simple is key here. Q-SYS Control is ideal for less complicated systems that do not require dedicated Q-SYS audio or video functionality or features already fulfilled with standalone hardware, legacy audio-only DSP, and those that need to replace aging control systems.

The Q-SYS vCore processor/Q-SYS Control feature license combination is the company's first foray into standalone control for the Q-SYS Platform. "The solution will empower customers to standardize on Q-SYS throughout their facilities, whether enterprise, higher education, or hospitality," said Greg Mattson, Q-SYS Control Product Manager. "We're providing a path for incremental upgrades by being able to take the place of an aging control system, or if they have an existing DSP that they're not looking to rip-and-replace the solution right away."

Q-SYS charted a course for virtualization early into the platform’s history. "There has been a lot of customer demand in terms of wanting to consolidate systems and reduce the number of ‘boxes’ in the room," Mattson said. "It's one of the reasons why we've been continuing to develop the software-only deployment of the operating system. This is why control was always at the top of our virtualization roadmap for vCore. However, we are also very excited about our active development of bringing additional features from the Q-SYS OS to the virtualized environment in the future.”

Check out the Q-SYS Activate event on demand to learn more details about five new product introductions including the Q-SYS vCore processor and the Q-SYS Control feature license for vCore.

Cindy Davis
Brand and content director of AV Technology

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