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Prestop Launches Contactless Touch Pen Dispenser

The What: Prestop, a manufacturer of information kiosks, self-service kiosks, touch video walls, touch tables, and touchscreens, has developed a contactless dispenser for touch pens.

Prestop contactless touch pen dispenser

(Image credit: Pretech)

The What Else: Before COVID-19, self-ordering and check-in kiosks were used to lower costs and speed up the process at QSRs, airports, etc. The pandemic has turned these frequently-touched surfaces into health risks that require frequent disinfection. But with a contactless touch pen dispenser, users are able to limit direct contact with high-touch surfaces and reduce the risk of germ transmission.

Watch the video below to see the dispenser in action.

The touch pen is partly made of recycled paper and can be used as a normal pen, but is specifically made for using a touchscreen.

The Bottom Line: The contactless touch pen dispenser is already in use at the Heineken Experience Centre, based in Amsterdam. Visitors are using it for the interactive experiences and the payment options.

At the end of July, these dispensers will be available again through resellers from Prestop.

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