Owl Labs Upgrades Collaboration Among Hybrid Teams—Here's How

Owl Labs latest products enhance hybrid collaboration.
(Image credit: Owl Labs)

Owl Labs announced the launch of its camera device, new Expansion Mic, and enhanced Owl Intelligence System (OIS) software. This new flagship product is the third generation of the award-winning Meeting Owl product line, consisting of Wi-Fi-enabled, 360-degree camera, microphone, and speaker systems that automatically zoom in on whomever is speaking. The Meeting Owl 3 has been upgraded both inside and out to include faster, more accurate face detection, even when masked; expanded audio and video range options; upgraded USB capability; and more. The new Expansion Mic device extends the Meeting Owl 3’s audio range to 26 feet, so all meeting participants can be heard around larger tables.

Owl Labs products are used by more than 100K organizations around the world, including 84 Fortune 100 companies. According to an Owl Labs study, nearly 3/4 of employees (71%) want a hybrid or remote working style, and effective technology is the third-most crucial aspect workers look for in an employer, with 95% saying it's important. Owl Labs' technology is now more crucial than ever, as it enables workers to collaborate from anywhere, helping hybrid teams come together so virtual meetings feel more like in-person conversations, leveling the playing field between remote and in-room participants.

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Attendees of video calls using a Meeting Owl 3 see a 360-degree view of the room, along with up to three panels that dynamically zoom in on participants who are actively speaking or moving. Due to its plug-and-play design, it only takes six minutes from unboxing a Meeting Owl 3 to joining the first meeting. Owl Labs products are designed by roboticists and engineers, and are equipped with its proprietary, newly upgraded OIS technology that powers auto-focus, smart zooming, and smart mics. The OIS also enables devices to become smarter over time with new features and capabilities delivered automatically via Wi-Fi.

“Hybrid is now the way that teams expect to work, and we believe flexible policies are here to stay—but pre-pandemic technology to support hybrid work was an afterthought,” said Frank Weishaupt, CEO of Owl Labs. “While smaller and medium-sized businesses have been faster to adopt and support a hybrid format, we’re seeing even the world’s largest companies choosing similar, flexible models and seeking more immersive technology to power the transition. As a team that has been hybrid since before COVID, we’re proud to launch our third generation Meeting Owl to connect organizations of all sizes even more seamlessly.”

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New features and performance enhancements in the Meeting Owl 3 include:

  • Improved facial recognition: Upgraded OIS software is five times more accurate in detecting masked faces and 58% more accurate at identifying in-room participants that are farther away, to better serve teams that are masking and social distancing.
  • Four times faster detection: New OIS automatically focuses on in-room participants, zooming in within three seconds after they speak or move, to improve the flow of natural conversation.
  • Expanded audio range: Compatible with the new Expansion Mic device, which extends audio range by 18 feet to 26 feet maximum in the direction of the mic, so everyone at larger tables can be heard clearly.
  • Owl Connect: Meeting Owl 3 is the only 360-degree video conferencing device on the market that can pair two devices to expand reach in larger spaces; connect two devices to extend video range up to 28 feet and audio range up to 44 feet dependent on need.
  • Greater compatibility: Now compatible with USB-C, so no special adapters are needed to plug into laptops.
  • Enterprise IT support: Set up and register devices via desktop app or mobile and manage devices remotely with Owl Labs’ web-based portal.

The full Owl Labs product ecosystem instantly turns any workspace into a custom-built hybrid environment, and is compatible with Zoom, Google Hangouts, Slack, BlueJeans, GoToMeeting, Microsoft Teams, and other popular video conferencing platforms. Other plug-and-play products that connect with the new Meeting Owl 3 and Expansion Mic include:

  • Whiteboard Owl: Dedicated camera device that enables everyone to see the whiteboard in meetings, even when someone stands in front of it.
  • Meeting HQ: In-room control center allowing users to launch meetings with a single tap, with no need to plug anything into an external computer.

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