Key Digital Introduces New Seamless Matrix Switcher

Key Digital
(Image credit: Key Digital)

Seven years after the introduction of the industry-staple KD-MLV4x2 multi-viewer, Key Digital, an award-winning developer and manufacturer of leading-edge digital video processing and video signal distribution solutions, introduces the KD-MLV4x4Pro 4x4 4K UHD HDMI multi-view tiling processor with seamless matrix switching. This model offers integrated HDMI signal extension, providing extended and updated capabilities compared to existing products. 

“This switcher is going to make so many installers look so good, and it’s going to make so many customers so happy,” said Key Digital vice president of sales DeWayne Rains, lauding the advanced feature set of the KD-MLV4x4Pro as a complete solution for multisource, multiscreen applications for bars and clubs, casino, and house of worship applications.

The KD-MLV4x4 offers seamless switching for uninterrupted screen transitions during independent source selection of any of the four HDMI inputs to feed any of the four HDMI outputs while in full-screen mode. Image layering allows stacked images with customizable priority settings per output. The four inputs can also be tiled in one of five pre-set layouts and fed to any output set to multi-view mode. Custom-matrixed outputs can be created, allowing picture-in-picture display and user-mapped combinations of live content and graphics with selectable bezel size on each window. For security and other applications where on-screen source identification is desired, each source can be overlaid with up to 16 characters of text with variable sizing and on-screen location settings.

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The KD-MLV4x4Pro natively accommodates 4K inputs and outputs, along with independently selectable output down-conversion to 1080P and 720P for support of legacy displays and projectors. The four HDMI outputs are mirrored to RJ45 ports for signal extension up to 40 meters (50 meters at 1080p) using Key Digital’s proprietary Ultra High Definition over Twisted Pair (UHDoTP) technology. The HDMI and UHDoTP outputs can be used simultaneously to feed up to eight displays. To feed displays at a distance, four KD-EXMLVRx UHDoTP receivers are included with the KD-MLV4x4Pro, with Power-over-AT (PoC) to simplify installation wiring. Each receiver also incorporates an HDMI output as well as bi-directional IR remote support with repeater inputs for capture of remote signals for source control and repeater outputs for local control of displays.

Key Digital

(Image credit: Key Digital)

The KD-MLV4x4Pro can be controlled from its front panel buttons, from the free Key Digital iOS app, by way of Key Digital Management Software Pro (KDMS Pro) for Windows computers, through RS-232 commands, from TCP/IP control systems via open API, and by means of its built-in web UI. “With the web UI, you can conveniently connect to the KD-MLV4x4Pro with any browser on any device that shares connectivity to the same secure network as the switcher,” said Rains. Nine selectable built-in video test patterns expedite setup and configuration of the KD-MLV4x4Pro. Multiple KD-MLV4x4Pros can be cascaded to run sophisticated video walls with imagination the only limitation.

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Via the KD-MLV4x4Pro’s independent audio matrix, audio output ports may be routed separately from the HDMI & UHDoTP ports. Audio from any source may be selected while in multi-view mode. Audio can be de-embedded with two-channel analog audio output on a six-pin balanced / unbalanced output connector and two-channel to 5.1 digital output (Dolby Digital & DTS audio supported) available in TOSLink optical format for soundbar support.

The KD-MLV4x4Pro supports an expansive list of content standards, including the HDCP 2.2 anti-piracy protocol; the HDR10 standard for high-dynamic-range video; and EDID management for display recognition. It also offers 8-bit deep color support, and video resolutions up to 3840 x 2160p 4:2:0 at 60fps are supported on inputs with up to 3840 x 2160p 4:4:4 at 30fps supported on outputs. The KD-MLV4x4Pro has a full buffer system to manage HDCP authentication, EDID control handshakes and, for serial data optimization, TMDS re-clocking / signal re-generation.

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