Journey Through the Seven Continents in This Breathtaking Immersive Experience

Waterfalls are projected onto multi-angle screens at the BBC immersive experience.
(Image credit: Visini Studios)

"Travel the world and journey through the seven continents in one epic, immersive experience." This is what Live Nation UK boasts about the BBC Earth Experience, an immersive experience awing visitors at The Daikin Centre at Earl's Court in London. 

Produced in partnership with BBC Studios, Moon Eye Productions, and Live Nation—and armed with an array of content from the BBC Studios—the journey uses footage and music from the television series Seven Worlds, One Planet to bring guests around the world, under the sea, and to the skies above.

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The planet Earth projected onto an angled screen at the BBC immersive experience.

(Image credit: Visini Studios YouTube)

The setup in the main hall is not the typical immersive setup, and instead of flat walls draped with screens from ceiling to floor, the content is projected onto several multi-angle screens for visitors to walk around. The audio, whether below the surface or journeying across the plains and deserts of the seven continents, makes one feel as if they are there, and the whole experience is narrated by David Attenborough.

Per Paul Milligan, the BBC Earth Experience is brought to life by more than 60 projectors (mostly Panasonic) and a mix of disguise media servers and AV Stumpf Pixera servers. 

Take a look for yourself in the video below. 

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