Jetbuilt Introduces Project Registration to Bridge Workflow

An animated logo for Jetbuilt's Project Registration program.
(Image credit: Jetbuilt)

As part of its recently announced “Bridging the Silos” efforts within the Pro AV industry, Jetbuilt introduced Project Registration. Project Registration provides designers and dealers with access to the timeliest product advice, pricing, and incentives based on manufacturer product expertise and programs while sharing relevant project information with manufacturers.

Project Registration eliminates redundancies in workflow by allowing designers to register their projects directly within Jetbuilt. Relevant information can be shared, including a brief project description, installation timeline, and items involved. Manufacturers can then validate product fit, and discuss specialized project needs, and potential incentives. Jetbuilt helps designers and integrators to avoid error-prone submissions due to double entry or tracking various email threads while helping manufacturers manage requests coming from all directions.

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Project Registration provides an opportunity for the manufacturer to confirm product fit, recommend a better-suited or upcoming product, share availability, discontinuation, or other information that could be critical to the project. Manufacturers receive insights into the unique applications in which their products are being installed, fueling a future of products better designed around these scenarios.

“The collaboration between integrators and manufacturers that has occurred for decades provides value to dealers, vendors, and the end user,” said Paul Dexter, chief executive officer for Jetbuilt. “We did not want to change or disrupt this process. We simply want to increase the efficiency of communication and organization. Registration ensures projects have the best products focused on features, performance and value, by allowing manufacturers to view and work with items in the project directly.”

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As Jetbuilt continues Bridging the Silos in 2023, Project Registration brings yet another layer of collaboration between manufacturers, consultants, dealers, vendors, and end users. Along with providing the tools to build, sell and manage projects with speed and efficiency, Jetbuilt is designed to enable real-time communication across various roles.

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