In Partnership, OCK, Actility and Abeeway Aim to Strengthen LoRaWAN IoT Adoption in Asia and to Promote the Use of Tracking Devices Globally

Actility's Proximity Detection & Contact Tracing Starter Kit is shown in a demo package that combines Abeeway low-power multi-technology trackers on a ThingPark-powered LoRaWAN infrastructure and the WMW application, allowing the user to experience how LoRa technology can help enforce proximity policies to keep employees safe and ensure business continuity. It is available for three LoRaWAN regional frequencies: EU868, US915, and AS923. (Image credit: Actility)

OCK Setia Engineering Sdn. Bhd, one of the largest telco engineering service providers in Malaysia, Actility and its subsidiary Abeeway have agreed to a partnership aiming to expand LoRaWAN IoT adoption in Asia and to promote the use of tracking devices to help businesses prevent COVID-19 spread in shared work areas by controlling social distancing and contact tracing.

OCK is a regional telecommunication, mechanical and electrical (M&E) engineering service company that provides engineering services to cellular operators and equipment to vendors in the areas of full turnkey network roll-out, planning, optimization, operations, and maintenance.

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The group, which from Malaysia also operates in Myanmar, Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia and China, and boasts a workforce of over 4.000 people, provides telecommunication network services and turnkey solutions for its telecommunications clientele comprised mainly of telecommunications operators and telecommunications technology providers, encompassing network planning, design and optimization, network deployment, network operations and maintenance, infrastructure management, energy management and professional services. The company is now seeking to broaden its offer in real-time tracking solutions through this partnership, using Actility's expertise to fight against the Covid-19 pandemic in its own offices.

Deploying IoT and LoRaWAN in Service to Human Safety

During the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, businesses must ensure social distancing and contact tracing to allow their workers to feel more confident about working in co-located physical workplaces. Automating the monitoring of new safety policies, while empowering employees as part of the new normal in business operations and making them feel safe when returning to the office, is critical for any organization.

OCK has also felt an increasing need to protect its workers through proximity and contact tracing solutions and has looked to Actility's expertise in this area to mitigate the effects of the pandemic on the company.

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This solution, which works by combining LoRaWAN technology offered by Actility with Abeeway's Smart Badges, helps to enforce physical distancing and limited occupation density to prevent individual contamination, while offering real-time monitoring of policies and traceability which helps managers take mitigation measures immediately, such as retaining non-compliant personnel.

The solution also allows businesses to avoid temporary shutdowns through enhanced safety measures and tracks all interactions between infected and healthy people to identify contamination clusters.

Advantages of LoRaWAN Connectivity

The use of LoRaWAN connectivity in solutions like this, is one of the keys to the success of such use cases. LoRaWAN is a widely used wireless protocol that allows battery-powered sensors to communicate with IoT applications via a long-range, ultra-low data rate connection, resulting in longer battery life.

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Actility provides the LoRaWAN IoT connectivity management solution with ThingPark Enterprise, a platform that helps customers build network infrastructure by managing LoRaWAN gateways, adding sensors, monitoring network operations and controlling the flow of data to application servers, enabling the deployment of large-scale IoT projects in record time.

Actility's Abeeway subsidiary provides various tracking devices that work both indoors and outdoors thanks to its multi- technology geolocation system, integrating GPS, Abeeway's patented Low-power GPS, Wi-Fi Sniffing and Bluetooth Low Energy.

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