How wearable trackers help with contact tracing (eCampus News)

"As schools, colleges and universities navigate the new school year, teachers and administrators will be serving on the front lines of public health efforts to keep kids and communities safe from COVID-19 outbreaks. To do that, educators will need to do two things that public health officials struggle to do even when working with adults: ensure that social distancing is maintained and conduct effective contact tracing as suspected/confirmed cases arise."—Source: eCampus News

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2020 continues to throw curveballs at higher ed administrators and technologists. Before any in-person instruction can resume, schools need to craft solid plans that comply with strict safety requirements. Wearable trackers are proving to be useful tools in this regard, helping institutions pinpoint potential exposures on campus by literally retracing the steps of an infected individual. These devices can also remind students of social distancing protocols if they get too close to another wearable.