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How Temple University uses VR remotely to increase online engagement (University Business)

"During the start of the pandemic, a college student wearing a virtual reality headset at home sat safely in a virtual classroom filled with her classmates who took the form of digital avatars. Meanwhile, a live stream lecture with the professor played in front of everyone. At one point, the professor asked a question, and the student looked down at the virtual monitor on the digital monitor in front of her, which held PDFs she had uploaded to the program for notes. When ready, she raised her hand in real life. Doing this made her avatar raise its virtual hand in the digital environment, which the professor noticed and called her by name since it floated above her."—Source: University Business

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You might think of VR as a tool for in-class experiences, but it can be so much more. Read how virtual reality is being used at Temple University to recreate classroom interactions remotely.