How a Smart Board Enhances Learning with Intuitive Tools for Elementary Classrooms

BenQ SmartBoards
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The Fort Worth Independent School District in Texas has purchased BenQ Boards for its elementary schools. Fort Worth ISD plans to install 3,000 RP7503 BenQ Boards to upgrade 81 of its elementary schools over the next year, starting with an initial rollout of 300 displays. The interactive BenQ Boards feature intuitive tools to enhance learning comprehension, engagement, and collaboration for in-person, virtual, and hybrid classrooms.

"Forth Worth ISD is transforming its approach to education, and we're excited to be part of the incredible initiatives taking place," said Alex McCure, senior manager, Key Partner South, BenQ Business and Education Solutions. "Our BenQ Boards, with their innovative feature set that comes standard with all models, will be the perfect complement to supporting teachers, students, and staff in every possible way."

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BenQ Boards feature germ-resistant screens as part of the company's ClassroomCare benefits. The smartboards ship with a nano-ionic silver coating (guaranteed toxin-free) that guards against most bacteria, letting instructors teach without worrying about germs spreading among students. This coating provides protection for years, even when the screen is cleaned regularly. With official TÜV and SIAA certification, BenQ interactive displays meet the highest quality standards so schools can maximize the educational potential of collaborative, hybrid classes without creating new health concerns. In addition, as students and teachers spend more class time using interactive screens, it is crucial to safeguard their eyesight. Extended exposure to blue light, flicker, and reflections causes eye strain and may lead to damaged eyesight. ClassroomCare also incorporates BenQ's EyeSafe features: low-blue light, flicker-free, and glare-resistant properties.

EZWrite annotation and collaboration software gives users the freedom to annotate and work directly from the interactive display or a wirelessly connected device. When teachers are creating or presenting lessons, EZWrite's Floating Tool empowers them to add text to any app, video, website, document, or image. They can also choose the pen color, erase, open files, or take screenshots.

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The InstaShare feature empowers students to present their ideas in class, without the hassle of cables, on up to nine screens being shared simultaneously. Where remote students or guests are joining, the display is compatible with all videoconferencing software such as Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams, with an optional Intel-powered slot-in PC, which expands the utility of the screen even further. BenQ has also made it possible for two apps to be opened on screen side by side, making lessons more efficient. For example, teachers can explain in detail with a whiteboard on one side and support content on the other, or utilizing InstaShare's Floating Window mode, share a connected screen alongside another app in use.

BenQ Board smart displays are cloud-friendly, making them the epicenter for classroom management as well as engagement. They eliminate the complexities of using interactive display technology that robs valuable class time or having to depend on connected devices to access and manage files and content. Once teachers are logged in, their personal settings are instantly recalled and they can securely access and save lesson materials on Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, or the network.

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As a central hub for each and every classroom, it's important IT and admin staff have the tools they need to manage and update the BenQ Boards. IT managers have access to at-a-glance device analytics for any BenQ display using the included AMS software. They can easily monitor and analyze the status of all the BenQ devices on a single dashboard, including managing displays, apps, and OTA updates remotely for maximum convenience. BenQ Boards also benefit from BenQ's X-Sign Broadcast software, which turns any BenQ smart board in the school into broadcast signage and allows schools to keep everyone informed and up to date on events, safety protocols, and emergencies.

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