Evenly Distributing the Future: Digital Transformation in Higher Education Teaching and Pedagogy (The EvoLLLution)

"Since March, there has been extensive debate, and I would argue confusion, about the efficacy of online learning. As many institutions whose histories are built on brick-and-mortar classrooms struggle with how to learn, teach, and enroll in an environment that limits interpersonal contact, these conversations about whether online learning is as effective as in-person learning have been ubiquitous. They sometimes get muddled when the uninitiated mistake the Zoom-ification of an in-person lesson plan for high-quality online learning whose architecture consists of strong pedagogy, infrastructure, user experience, and learner-intentioned data."—Source: The EvoLLLution

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The COVID-19 pandemic has underscored the need for digital transformation in higher ed — schools that had solid Dx strategies before March have fared better than those scrambling to fill in the gaps. We often focus these explorations on the technology itself, but what does Dx mean for teaching? The EvoLLLution takes a look.