Equipping Colleges with Sufficient Network Bandwidth Across Campus (EdTech Magazine)

"An institution’s network bandwidth affects more than the speed of a Netflix stream. It determines how many teachers and students will be able to teach and learn concurrently, without any unwanted technological disruptions. As such, reliable internet connection is more than a nice-to-have option. With the increasing prevalence of hybrid and online classes being taken by on-campus students, stable Wi-Fi is a necessity, making campus bandwidth sufficiency a high priority for colleges and universities."—Source: EdTech Magazine

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Every higher ed institution needs to provide sufficient bandwidth for its campus, but that doesn't mean that a one-size-fits-all approach is the answer. "Each school has a unique and established technological infrastructure, and any distinctive obstacles that may arise amid the endeavor to update the network will also be exclusive to this infrastructure," writes Michael Durand.