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Enplug Streamlines Digital Signage Content Creation With Templates App

Enplug, a cloud-based digital signage software provider, has added the Templates App to its App Market.
(Image credit: Enplug)

The What: Enplug, a cloud-based digital signage software provider, has added the Templates App to its App Market. 

The What Else: The new Templates App gives users the option of selecting from the app’s many professionally designed layouts, or simply starting with a blank canvas. The content on the signs will automatically update based on user-defined triggers. For example, a user can upload a list of employee names with their work anniversary dates. When the anniversary date is set as the trigger, the sign will automatically update with the name of each specific employee. The Templates App also opens up new ways for administrators to streamline the process of content creation by uploading their own company’s templates, which they can manage across a select group of users. 

Key features of the new Templates App include:

Custom Triggers

New custom triggers empower organizations to automatically update dynamic text and images without having to log in to the Enplug Dashboard. Scheduling content to display at predetermined dates keeps signage fresh and ensures scheduled changes happen precisely when needed. Custom Triggers are established by uploading an existing spreadsheet or creating a new one directly in the Templates App. Once the date fields and corresponding media files are linked to placeholders within the canvas, updates occur automatically on the desired dates.

Company Templates

Templates give businesses—particularly larger ones with geographically dispersed networks of locations—the ability to standardize templates to ensure all signs remain on-brand, while giving individual locations the ability to update certain fields to localize content as needed. Administrators have control of user access to specific templates and can set areas for customization. Users can move, scale, and rotate design elements in just a few clicks, while certain predefined design elements can be fixed to ensure brand guidelines and norms remain consistent throughout the organization.

Customizable Countdown Timers

Countdown timers are a great way to engage viewers—either by creating anticipation ahead of a future event, or by showing how much time has elapsed since a past milestone. To incorporate timers, users simply select the timer format and then enter the date of an event or deadline. Select a past date to count up, or a future date to count down.

Multi-Orientation Preview

Enplug makes it easy to deploy compelling digital content on virtually any screen, regardless of the aspect ratio or orientation. The new Templates App enables users to arrange the canvas to match the orientation and layout of the desired endpoint. Users have live previews of their sign in HD/4K layouts, as well as in landscape and portrait orientations.

“We’re excited about the Templates App because it is a great representation of Enplug’s innovative approach of enabling smarter digital signage through automated custom content,” said Nanxi Liu, CEO of Enplug. “This app will accelerate the content-creation process and empower our customers to derive even greater value from their digital signage networks.”

The Bottom Line: Available as a free enhancement to the Enplug platform, the Templates App gives users a robust library of drag-and-drop templates to create custom announcements that automatically update on user-defined triggers and suit virtually any digital signage application.

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