DVDO Spotlights 4th-Gen Air Wireless HDMI Adapters

Air Adapters
DVDO's Air-2K (left) and Air-4K60GHz wireless HDMI adapters (Image credit: DVDO)

The What: DVDO is introducing its latest-generation Air-2K and Air-4K 60GHz wireless HDMI adapters. Eliminating difficult cable runs, DVDO Air adapters provide simple, highly stable wireless 1080p or 4K video and 7.1-channel audio connections for TVs, large-format displays and projectors

The What Else: Utilizing 60Ghz millimeter wave technology, DVDO Air is impervious to interference, providing the stable reliability of hardwired connections with zero lag. Air wireless HDMI adapters work independent of any existing Wi-Fi infrastructure, providing secure wireless connections up to 100 feet away with direct line-of-sight, and up to 35 feet with indirect/obstructed sightlines.

Classroom and Conference Rooms: DVDO Air wireless HDMI adapters allow teachers and presenters to move freely while maintaining smooth, uninterrupted connection to the display just as reliably as if they were tethered by hardwire. And because 60GHz signals do not penetrate walls, presentation content remains secure without leakage from the room.

Sports Bars, Restaurants and Small Business: Wireless HDMI technology lets owners add signage, advertising, and entertainment simply by adding a TV. No complicated cable runs are necessary, and unlike other Wi-Fi or wireless streaming solutions, absolutely zero software or driver setup is required to achieve the same stability and reliability of a wired connection.

Houses of Worship and Public Venues: DVDO-Air-2K and DVDO-Air-4K simplify adding new HDMI sources to existing display and projector installations without costly cable runs. Air wireless HDMI adapters are also USB powered, so they run off the display and the source device's USB ports without any available nearby power outlets required.

Gaming and Home Entertainment: With zero latency lag-free video response, DVDO Air adapters provide smooth motion video without blur. Even competitive gamers, who would never rely on other wireless streaming technologies, can triumph with DVDO Air without cumbersome cables.

The Bottom Line: DVDO's new line of Pro AV infrastructure solutions include commercial-grade cameras, wireless and HDBaseT extenders, splitters, matrices, multiplexers, and KVM switches universally supporting a wide range of sources, displays and audio output devices in any combination.

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