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Distance Learning Without Computers (Campus Technology)

"While online courses can offer the promise of education to a worldwide audience, what happens when the students have neither computing devices nor an internet connection? That's the challenge that Education for Humanity faces in delivering access to higher education for refugees and displaced people. This Arizona State University initiative, run by EdPlus, has multiple arms: a global "freshman academy" that provides credit-bearing online university courses intended to serve as a bridge to enrollment at local universities in the student's host country; modules to help people gain English language skills and professional competencies; and full access to ASU Online, with its 175 online degree and certificate programs."—Source: Campus Technology

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When we think about distance learning, we often imaging students completing their coursework online. But to make these courses more accessible, especially for students who have been displaced by natural disasters or war, a little bit of innovation can help keep potential learners connected.v