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Dante Studio
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Building on its ability to connect and streamline, Audinate’s Dante Studio advances AV production capabilities while making it easier to automate workflows and provide professional-grade tools to empower specialized video networks. The first tool introduced as part of the newly created Dante Studio, Dante Video RX, enables Windows PCs to receive a video signal from any Dante AV-enabled source, making it the perfect complement for Dante AV hardware products, including encoders, decoders, and cameras. Dante Video RX supports 1080p resolution (4K video is coming soon) and operates on standard 1 Gb Ethernet infrastructures.

Joshua Rush, Chief Marketing Officer, Audinate

Joshua Rush (Image credit: Audinate)

“Dante Studio was a natural progression of Audinate’s vision to layer features and functionality onto connectivity and interoperability through software,” explained Joshua Rush, chief marketing officer with Audinate. “We saw that the PC was going to be playing an increasingly important role in the ecosystems of corporate, worship, education, and even production customers. And we knew we needed to bridge the divide between AV and PC beyond simply connecting devices—but instead with tools that facilitate frictionless workflow and provide advanced functionality. Dante Studio does exactly that, but it also serves as a platform for new tools that we can add to serve the emerging needs of new customers in new verticals.”

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Dante Video RX can seamlessly run in the background for users while empowering HQ video streams anywhere on the network. “End users in vertical markets like corporate, education, and worship will be the first to benefit from Dante Studio,” said Rush. “Now they have a simple, attainable, and stable tool to complete their workflows and connect PC and AV domains—audio and video can seamlessly transport from PC tools like Zoom, VMix, and many others to the AV realm and the other way around.”   

When it comes to Dante Studio offerings, Dante Video RX is just the beginning; Dante Video TX, a virtual transmitter, and Dante Video Viewer, a virtual monitor, are currently in development and could be released before the end of the year. Rush said Audinate recognizes the importance of software within the AV industry, and is putting a stronger focus on it with Dante Studio.

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“The supply chain issue will only accelerate that movement as brands—Audinate being at the forefront—create software-based solutions that reside on standard silicon vs. specialized chipsets,” Rush added. “The industry should take note that we’re looking beyond transport to add software-enabled features and benefits and that we’re doing so according to the direction we’re getting from integrators and end users in the respective vertical markets we serve."

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