Colleges Augment 1:1 Programs With Additional Network Support (EdTech Magazine)

"An EDUCAUSE survey found that although most students had access to some type of digital device for learning during the pandemic, many still encountered challenges, such as devices that were outdated or unable to support necessary software and applications. For some students, the need to share devices with other household members also posed a hurdle."—Source: EdTech Magazine

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The pandemic has underscored the fact that students need more than access to a device to be successful: The device needs to be up-to-date, with the applications and connectivity students need, and schools have been bolstering their 1:1 device programs to address this. Everett Community College, for instance, has a popular hotspot program -- “I don’t hear students  saying that they don’t have internet access anymore,” notes Tim Rager,  executive director of IT.