ClearOne Just Streamlined AV Manager System Setup—Here's How

(Image credit: ClearOne)

After upgrading its CONVERGENCE AV Manager solution to provide users with more power, information, control, and ease of use, ClearOne introduced its network hardware CONVERGENCE InSite Server that enables bi-directional communications between its Cloud or Enterprise AV Manager and on-site ClearOne Pro Audio products.

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ClearOne Streamlines AV Manager System Setup.

(Image credit: ClearOne)

Working together, they are designed to excel in a range of applications that include local AV system maintenance, device status monitoring, remote AV device control, equipment auditing, help desk operations and single-pane-of-glass business intelligence. The new CONVERGENCE InSite Server can serve customers in many verticals, including office buildings, convention centers, education, corporate campuses, global enterprises, multi-site organizations, and large government deployments, among others.

Key InSite Server feature highlights include:

  • The CONVERGENCE Local Agent software comes pre-installed and ready to deploy.
  • InSite server setup and registration is simple and painless using a web browser.
  • Users can get up and running quickly with auto discovery of all supported devices on multiple subnets without the need of labor-intensive, individual device registration.
  • Plenty of storage for InSite logs and backup configuration files of managed devices.
  • Small footprint with a solid-state drive, auto power on, and a fanless enclosure for 24/7 high reliability.
  • Includes extra ports for additional network connections, or optional keyboard, video, and mouse for servicing.
  • Integrates with third-party management systems via a RESTful web interface.
  • The Local Agent software is also available for free download and self-installation on Windows or Linux with a CONVERGENCE Cloud or Enterprise account.

The ClearOne CONVERGENCE AV Manager, available in Cloud or Enterprise versions using Local Agent servers, is a unified software platform to monitor, control, and audit ClearOne Pro Audio products from any location worldwide.

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The Cloud AV Manager service offers multi-tenant Management as a Service (MaaS) on a single pane of glass, enabling recurring revenue opportunities for AV practitioners, tailored to their clients’ needs. The Enterprise AV Manager software is self-maintained and hosted on-premises, or privately in the cloud by an organization, for complete control and security.

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