Class of 2024: University of Nevada, Las Vegas

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Left to Right: Frank Alaimo CTS-I, manager of Classroom Technology Services; Michael Theil CTS, senior AV/IT control systems specialist (Image credit: Getty Images)

AV/IT TEAM: Frank Alaimo CTS-I, manager of Classroom Technology Services; Michael Theil CTS, senior AV/IT control systems specialist


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GOALS: The goal was to create a cutting-edge AV experience that seamlessly integrates into the new Advanced Engineering Building, enabling UNLV to meet skyrocketing enrollment demand in engineering and supporting a highly skilled workforce that is integral to Nevada’s economic future. Ultimately, the objective was to elevate the learning environment and empower both faculty and students to achieve their academic goals effectively.


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CHALLENGES: Our main challenge was navigating design changes and adapting to evolving product selections. Initial project discussions began in 2018, with intense design work continuing through 2019. However, the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 halted progress due to funding and meeting disruptions. Fortunately, in July 2021, we received approval to resume the project. Designing amidst supply shortages proved particularly challenging, as uncertainty surrounded the availability of materials for installation. Despite these obstacles, our team employed creativity and resourcefulness, leveraging connections to overcome hurdles.


Nanolumens 14x7 Engage P1.56 HDS, 5376x1512, 4K upgrade; Nanolumens 8x8 Engage P1.25 HDS, 3840x2160, 4K upgrade; Nanolumens Outdoor 18x7 Performance P3.9 ODFS, 2304x896, 4K upgrade; Datapath VSN1172 Video Wall Controller; Biamp TesiraFORTÉ DAN CI, Devio SCR-20C Black, Devio DCM-1; Crestron TSW-1070-B-S, HD-MD8X8-4KZ-E, CP4, DM-RMC-4KZ- SCALER-C, DM-TX-4KZ-202-C, DM-NVX-351, DM-NVX-363, DM-NVX-351C, DFM-CI-8, TT-100-B-T, AMP-X300, SAROS ICT5T-22, SAROS IC8T, CEN-ODT-C-POE; Sennheiser TCC2 and SpeechLine Microphones; NEC Displays sizes 55-, 86-, and 98-inch / NEC NP-PA804UL-W-41; Wolfvision Vsolution Cam; Spectrum Industries Honors & Freedom Lecterns; JBL CBT 1000 + CBT 1000E; Crown DCi 2|300, DCi 2|2400N; Inogeni SHARE2; Chief CMS-018W, CMA450, K1D120BXRH; Da-Lite Tensioned Advantage 137D; Vaddio RoboShot 30E; Middle Atlantic; Visix VX-S-CPG

FINAL INSTALL/USER BENEFITS: Students immerse themselves in theory and fundamentals in the RebelFlex classroom, a dynamic learning environment. Here, hybrid learning is redefined through innovative features such as web conferencing and lecture capture capabilities. The classroom is designed with movable tables and chairs to foster teamwork and adaptability. The neighboring Makerspace effortlessly integrates into a Showcase area, where students proudly display capstone projects or where special events can take place.

Flexatorium, a unique and adaptable auditorium, serves as a lecture hall during the day and transforms into a dynamic event space at night. Its flexible design features collapsible theater-style seating that can be easily customized to suit diverse needs, supported by state-of-the-art instructional technology to facilitate active and engaging classroom experiences. Adjacent to the Flexatorium, two smaller classrooms offer additional versatility. They can function independently or be combined to accommodate various group sizes, serving as overflow spaces when needed.

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As part of the features of the Advanced Engineering Building, UNLV expanded its digital signage and display capabilities with three new Nanolumens video walls. Highlighting the courtyard adjacent to the entrance is a 3.9mm-pitch outdoor video wall used for promotional videos, digital signage and event marketing. Inside the Flexatorium is an ultrawide 32x9 ratio 1.56mm pitch video wall that can display two full-screen 16x9 sources side by side for classes during the day or run custom marketing for events at night. The Showcase space contains a full 4K UHD 1.25mm video wall that is utilized for special events, capstone projects, and fundraising for student projects. 

With all displayed content being 4K resolution, the power to process a massive amount of data is paramount. For this reason, UNLV opted for Datapath’s experience in this sector to deal with video data and image processing, in addition to its huge “wow” factor with a flexible digital canvas.

Utilizing a VSN1172 video wall controller, equipped with three Image2K 4 Channel graphics cards and eight VisionSC-UHD2 4K capture cards, the powerful solution provides the flexibility and customizability to achieve every presentation need, from mixed content for breakaway classrooms to building-wide events. The Datapath video wall controller ensures the content scales for each of the video walls with their distinct resolutions.

Presenters can dynamically change sources and recall presets from Crestron touch panels utilizing Crestron NVX system to distribute and output the content to the Datapath video wall controller, where its straightforward Application Programming Interface (API) integrates easily with the Crestron control system.

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