ChurchPix Opens Doors for Houses of Worship with High-Quality Streaming

ChurchPix at work on a lit up altar with digital display in a local Arlington, VA, church.
(Image credit: Broadcast Pix)

Little Falls Church has invested in a ChurchPix from Broadcast Pix. The live production and streaming system is opening its doors to other churches to learn how to share their messages online.

Based in Arlington, VA, Little Falls Presbyterian Church is driven by its mission of worship, discipleship, fellowship, and outreach. To support its vision, the church invested in a ChurchPix system to help improve the production value of its streaming content for both the local community, as well as trying to reach larger audiences. The COVID pandemic prevented many in-person services, forcing services online and onto streaming platforms. Although most of Little Fall’s productions are weekly services, ChurchPix has the power to be used for more elaborate and theatrical productions around Easter, Christmas, and other celebrations.

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A sound engineer sitting at a mixing console with a monitor and display powered by ChurchPix.

(Image credit: Broadcast Pix)

ChurchPix is a live production system specifically designed for churches that includes all the hardware and software required to create professional-looking live streaming content: cameras, computer hardware, IP switch, audio interfaces, an internal mixer, IP and NDI connectivity, plus a dedicated user interface. The system is preconfigured so setup is quick and easy, includes pre-loaded worship focused royalty-free clips, stills and graphics, templates, and control interfaces so the user can be streaming and recording in minutes.

“We work with a mostly volunteer production team,” commented Todd Robinson, director of worship at Little Falls Church. “The ChurchPix toolset is efficient and easy to use, so it has enabled our volunteer operators to focus on the production itself rather than trying to learn new technology. I simply create a run sheet for our weekly service, preset all the camera angles, shots, and zooms, upload any new macros, content, or images we’ve created, then our volunteers and the system automation do the rest.”

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A digital display and PTZ camera using ChurchPix technologies.

(Image credit: Broadcast Pix)

Proving to be such a successful case study in church live production and streaming, Little Falls welcomes other Houses of Worship in the area to take a test run on its system. These hands-on demonstrations provide other churches with insight into an affordable and intuitive solution for them to easily produce and share their worship message online.

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