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Chief Expands Impact Series to Include Landscape On-Wall Solutions

The What: Chief's new Impact Landscape On-Wall Kiosk brings flexibility to the digital signage enclosure market while maintaining a sleek aesthetic to complement a variety of environments. A depth-adjustable exterior frame allows for a wide selection of displays to be used while meeting minimum protrusion depth requirements. 

Chief Impact Kiosk Landscape

(Image credit: Legrand AV)

The What Else: The solution joins existing, portrait Impact On-Wall Kiosks available in black or white finishes for 46–75-inch screen sizes. Both the landscape and portrait on-wall kiosks have a 3-5-inch depth-adjustable exterior frame. An integrated wall reveal compensates for uneven walls to keep the frame plumb and provide passive cooling. A universal storage plate, featuring Middle Atlantic’s Lever Lock technology, holds supporting equipment. Additional storage can be added with Chief PAC In-Wall Storage Boxes. 

[Free Download: The Integration Guide to Video Walls]

The Bottom Line: The new scissor arm design enables 8-inches of extension providing unparalleled service and maintenance access, according to Chief. Landscape kiosks are available for 49-, 50-, and 55-inch displays in black or white finishes.

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