Challenging Narratives: Finding a Call to Adventure in Faculty Data (EDUCAUSE Review)

"Every institution of higher education has a story. These stories are written and rewritten by the individuals who work, learn, research, and teach at their respective institutions. For those who work in digital spaces, understanding the institutional narrative is a multilayered commitment. To borrow from the theme of Joseph Campbell's 1968 work, The Hero with a Thousand Faces, and, more recently, Christopher Vogler's 2007 work, The Writer's Journey, technologists must understand the campus technology landscape as it exists today and also forecast the calls to adventure (change) that may come their way in the next hour, the next year, or the next five years. Easy, right? "—Source: EDUCAUSE Review

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Collecting data is one thing. Tapping into that data to craft a compelling story is another. But creating a narrative is a key part of tapping into the full potential of the metrics your institutions collects.