Blizzard Lighting Rebrands as Blizzard -

Cher, Madonna, Sting, Bono...what do they all have in common? They’re incredibly pretentious. But they’re allowed to be pretentious because they are the best—they’re icons.

In that vein, following major growth in the LED pro and entertainment lighting industry over the past eight years, Blizzard Lighting announced that it will now be known simply as Blizzard.

“We’ve achieved so much as Blizzard Lighting, but we can’t let anything hold us back. Blizzard is already a really long word with like, eight letters… and two of them are Zs. By dropping Lighting, we’ll immediately become 50-percent more efficient. It’s a move we simply have to make,” Blizzard CEO and chairman of the" bored", Will Komassa said in jest.

Blizzard’s website and contact emails have been redirected to, but the previous site and email addresses will remain active for the time being.


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d3 Technologies Rebrands as ‘diguise’

disguise, formerly known as d3 Technologies, unveiled its rebranding at the 2017 Live Design International show, which was held from November 13–19 in Las Vegas. The company demoed “The Future of Projection” and showcased its gx range of media servers.