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4 Tips to Create Eye-Catching Displays to Enhance the Shopping Experience

Epson helps enhance the customer shopping experience with dynamic projection.
(Image credit: Epson)

Retailers today are tasked with creating engaging and entertaining shopping, as customers desire more memorable events and experiences. Many retailers have turned to experiential digital signage to provide interactive, dynamic, and eye-catching moments that heighten shoppers’ experiences and ultimately drive an increase in sales. Lighter, smaller, and brighter, laser projectors are adapting and innovating with new technology to meet the demand of elevating retail stores and spaces to better enhance the overall shopping experience and make it more personal, unique, and interactive.

From compact PowerLite solutions with several lens options to the unique spotlight form factor LightScene, Epson offers a range of powerful, flexible digital signage projectors that deliver sharp, true-to-life images for small or large applications. Powered by a virtually maintenance-free, 20,000-hour laser light source with no lamps to replace, Epson’s expansive lineup of projectors for digital signage come with a suite of innovative software tools for content management and remote control, enabling retailers to create engaging, captivating experiences that enhance customer service, improve operational efficiency, deliver impromptu wayfinding, and much more.

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“Consumers today seek interactivity that elevates their shopping trips by what they feel, hear, see, smell, and touch,” said Remi Del Mar, product manager, Epson America. “Projected digital signage solutions continue to innovate and offer impressive tools for integrating creativity and adding personalization as more retailers look to evolve the shopping experience for their customers.”

Using Epson projectors, Dallas-based Glass-Media (opens in new tab) helps brands enhance customer experiences by transforming retail environments through proprietary, projection-based illuminations. “In addition to significant improvements in the product development roadmaps from leading OEMs coupled with the plethora of emerging display technologies, we're seeing a rather prompt and exciting shift towards new and improved techniques in content creation, such as anamorphic 3D optical illusions, pixel mapping and holographic animations," explained CEO and founder of Glass-Media Daniel Black.

Following are a few considerations and insights for creating one-of-a-kind experiences with dynamic, eye-catching displays that can elevate a brand, drive customer engagement and increase sales.

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4 tips to consider when creating eye-catching displays to enhance the consumer experience

  • Elevate: Create an inviting retail space with contextual information projected on nearly any surface type. Make every trip to the store a remarkable shopping event by making customers feel connected to products and wanting to stay longer to engage and enjoy the moment. Visual merchandising with interactive product callouts, comparisons and cross-merchandising are creative ways to enhance displayed merchandise. Illuminating available floorspace to direct customers, provide wait times, or optimize space enhances the customer’s shopping experience.
  • Design: Think big with a massive, illuminated wall that can draw a crowd with large-than-life displays. Or use smaller effects to make a big impression by implementing individualized applications, demonstrations and comparisons that will captivate customers and drive sales. Grab customers attention with stunning floor-to-ceiling displays and transform traditional brick-and-mortar venues into storytelling showrooms by converting virtually any surface into a dynamic digital display.
  • Experience: Transport customers to another world by creating an aspirational environment. Share what the retail brand can offer by showing the places they can travel to or see when shopping and purchasing products. Delight shoppers with dynamic messaging on products and surrounding areas and display hidden product features and possibilities. Guide customers with wayfinding signage to interactive displays, taking advantage of floorspace.
  • Fascinate: By using innovative projection technology, retailers can activate any surface with product details and change content instantly. Retailers can unleash the story behind products by highlighting seasonal themes, sharing relevant product information such as availability, inventory and more. With digital visual merchandising, retailers can engage customers more deeply, create a mood and make the overall shopping experience impactful.
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