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14 Equity Considerations for Ed Tech (Campus Technology)

"I love hearing educators gush over the latest clickable, shiny whirl of e-learning technology. Sometimes, they even glow with a new sense of the possible — perhaps witnessing what designer Roberto Verganti calls an 'innovation of meaning.' While I celebrate the exuberance in their screen-shared reviews, as an ed tech teacher I often pivot back to less commonly asked, but still critical, questions — which, often enough, are all about equity. "—Source: Campus Technology

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When leveraging edtech for online courses, it is imperative for equity and inclusion to help shape the experience. Rather than "potentially reinforcing the sage-on-the-stage 'banking' models of instruction," institutions should foreground "'unbanking' technologies: those designed to give all students and educators an equitable sense of voice and agency," writes Reed Dickson.