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The Technology Manager's Guide to AV Control

Technology Manager's Guide to AV Control
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Ease of Use Takes Center Stage. As well, it should. 

22 industry thought leaders weigh in on how AV control can best serve users and technology managers in the new era workplace and campus environments.

20 AV Control Products: IP-enabled touchpanels, 2GB quad-core CPU control boxes, cloud solutions, display management, platform control, video wall control, and much more.

Case Studies: How IP offers flexibility in a fast-growing school district.; How a K-12 incubator classroom has become the most advanced in the country with whole-room video conferencing and centralized control.


The staff of AV Technology serves the community of decision-makers comprising AV/IT technology managers and directors, instructional technologists, and anyone making or influencing AV/IT technology decisions within their respective facilities and institutions.