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What to Do About Contract Cheating (Campus Technology)

What to Do About Contract Cheating (Campus Technology)

"When 13 undergraduate engineering students were booted out of the program at Australia's Deakin University in May 2016 for taking part in "contract cheating," it may have looked like just another round in institutional efforts to combat academic dishonesty, akin to reducing plagiarism or stamping out the use of term paper mills. However, some experts view this specific form of deceit as more pernicious because it can be so hard to detect by the usual tools and methods."—Source: Campus Technology

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In some ways, academic dishonesty might seem like an old story, but technology has built pipelines that make contract cheating accessible, frame it as a helping hand for struggling students, and employ methods that make their usage difficult to detect. These issues underscore the importance of keeping students informed about their responsibilities, incorporating original data into assignments, and using software that checks for lifted text. —Eduwire Editors