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Schools Work to Thwart Textbook Price Barrier (Campus Technology)

Schools Work to Thwart Textbook Price Barrier (Campus Technology)

"A number of schools are turning to Cengage to come up with new ways to help their students gain more affordable access to their course materials. Recently, both Warren County Community College in New Jersey and the University of the Southwest in New Mexico said they would roll out the company's new unlimited subscriptions offering. At the same time, Missouri's Columbia College went public with news that it would work with the education media company to provide course materials to its students as part of a single tuition charge."—Source: Campus Technology

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With traditional textbook costs rising to astronomical levels, schools are looking for more affordable options to help connect students with course materials. For some schools that have partnered with Cengage, bundling the costs of course materials into the tuition for each class adds a layer of transparency — students know upfront about all the associated costs. —Eduwire Editors