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Integrating eSports at Ashland University (EDUCAUSE Review)

Integrating eSports at Ashland University (EDUCAUSE Review)

"Since Ashland University (AU) announced that it will be offering Fortnite (co-op survival online game developed by Epic Games) eSports scholarships, coach Josh Buchanan said, 'We've been getting a tremendous amount of interest. Nearly every kid on campus wants to be a part of our team, along with over 1,000 outside applicants.' While this interest fueled a powerful AU marketing initiative, the effort required teamwork and an understanding of technology to successfully implement the plan."—Source: EDUCAUSE Review

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To launch a successful campus eSports program, help from IT plays a critically important role. If your school is considering starting a program, don’t miss this list of best practices from EDUCAUSE Review. —Eduwire Editors