A Robot Goes to College

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A robot called Bina48 has successfully taken a course in the philosophy of love at Notre Dame de Namur University, in California.

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Yes, machine learning is the new industrial revolution. But I’m less worried about robots replacing our jobs than I am concerned about students not learning how to keep eye contact or engage in real-time conversation. In this article, the questions are not about robots teaching, but a robot taking on the student role. This particular robot sat in a class, joined in class discussions, and even gave a presentation with a student partner. A quirky tale that won’t be so unusual in a few years.


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College Goes Wireless as Radio Broadcasting Needs Change

“We’re literally on the air for 12 and a half hours on football Saturdays,” says Elliott, “and our Shure wireless has proven totally reliable in every way. We typically use ten microphone channels, which are Shure UHF-R®. Most are bodypacks feeding headsets, except the sideline reporters, who use handhelds with SM58® capsules. In addition, everyone monitors on PSM® 900 in-ear systems. That requires five more channels, one for each mix of feeds that the announcers and crew use.”