Human Connections Matter

I recently read a blog by Megan Dutta about the 2019 AV Executive Conference and how great it is to connect with people who know your name and are glad you came.   This is a big reason why I love pro AV industry events and speaking of industry events…. and why I want to encourage more involvement in the local AVIXA Women’s Council events.  These events occur in many cities and these groups welcome both men and women.  

Through the group that I’m involved in, Southern California, I have formed new friendships and have gotten way more out of my attending than what I put in. At these events, we have a lot of interaction—and sometimes debates—and I always leave with a nugget of something I can apply to my life. 

The relationships I’ve formed via these groups has proven to be invaluable. I enjoy these events because I learn and grow by being a part of the experience. There is a solid core of people who attend every meeting because they, too value these human connections.  

[Networking and Connecting People, Not Computers]

I want to encourage our industry to get involved in these events as they are another opportunity to connect—really connect—face to face. We are all so wrapped up with our own screens that we’re losing an amazing opportunity to make real and authentic human connections that are unique and valuable. I like technology as much as the next guy, however Twitter, LinkedIn, and video calls cannot replace human connection. Case in point: live theater is still thriving, even with all the options to stream content and the large selection of box office hits playing weekly.  There is nothing like live theater and many actors will tell you that they love theater because of this human connection.  

Consider getting involved with these groups locally and when you travel. If there is not a local group in your area, consider starting one. You have a group of people who will support you in launching a group.  If it’s been awhile since you’ve attended a meetup, consider getting back to a local meeting. 

Every local group needs: sponsorships either with a venue and/or food/drink, subject matter experts to present at meetings, venues to visit for technology field trips, and more members.  If you have ideas or an interest, please reach out and make a connection with the AVIXA Women’s Council. Here’s to a great New Year of human connection. 

Cory Schaeffer
Cory Schaeffer is director, strategic industry relations for QSC. Schaeffer is focused on applying her vision and thought leadership to the development and execution of end user strategies and forging relationships with industry influencers. She is also a key contributor to QSC's various marketing initiatives to ensure QSC's continued success in the AV/IT space.