3 Key Ways Organizations Can Use Technology to Operate During a Pandemic

2020 marks the year of the country's most notorious pandemic ever, COVID-19. The fast-moving virus is a respiratory illness that can spread from person-to-person, causing mild upper-respiratory tract illnesses.

So far, this disease has impacted more than 200,000 people world-wide, with over 7,000 people affected in the United States alone, and rising. Knowing the impact COVID-19 has had on our people and the global economy, businesses and schools are doing all they can to implement the necessary precautions to keep their people safe without turning off the lights all together. Knowing what steps to follow during a pandemic will ensure a natural level of comfort when so much remains unknown. 

Technology helps to bring awareness to the pandemic at hand and allows people to communicate virtually, regardless of location—making it essential for businesses that need to remain open during a pandemic. Having the proper technology implemented within your organization promotes the flexibility of virtual communication when social distancing is mandated by government officials. 

With thousands of businesses, K-12 schools and universities turning to a remote structure, or shutting down altogether, it is crucial that companies and educators are prepared with the right tools needed to implement virtual business and telelearning. Having the right technology in place allows for businesses and schools to remain active, while ensuring a safe environment for those around them.

Audiovisual technology can make all the difference during a pandemic. Whether it is allowing employees to work from home, moving school classes online, or simply getting information, technology is a game-changer during any crisis. It’s important for all workplaces to stay up-to-date with the latest regulations and be prepared for remote work, video conferencing for online meetings, and online chat capabilities.

Now that we know that technology has the power to impact everyone during a time of crisis, let’s explore three key ways businesses and organizations can operate during a time of a pandemic.

1. Integrate the Right Technology to Make Remote Work Efficient 

With the proper technology and infrastructure, employees and students can work and attend classes from anywhere in the world, or in this case, their homes. Companies can maximize their employee’s or student’s ability to work remotely with the right technology and software in place. Video conferencing and web chat allow for full participation in online meetings that is not only efficient but a safe alternative during a pandemic.

2. Encourage Virtual Meetings

Rather than in-person meetings, encouraging virtual meetings via web conferencing enables streamlined communication without taking any health risks. As the CDC continues to reduce the number of people allowed to gather in one place, group meetings are rapidly being canceled. Having the capability to conduct virtual meetings will allow people to go about their business as usual while practicing the recommended behavior of social distancing. 

3. Utilize Microsoft Teams and Zoom for Daily Communication

Virtual meetings can be made possible with the help of software like Microsoft Teams or Zoom.

Microsoft Teams is a unified communication and collaboration platform that combines persistent workplace chat, video meetings, file storage, and application integration. 

Zoom is a remote conferencing service that unifies cloud video conferencing, simple online meetings, and group messaging into one easy-to-use platform.

These platforms allow for communication between companies, classrooms, and businesses and can be done on a one-on-one basis or in a group setting. With many organizations adopting the work-from-home culture, it’s important that employees are set up with the right technology needed to communicate with their peers, customers, and other stakeholders. With the proper AV technology and software in place, businesses & schools should be able to virtually communicate with anyone in the world. 

With an endless amount of information surrounding COVID-19, it’s crucial that your company is prepared for any situation that may arise now or in the future. Having the proper unified communications tools in-place will allow businesses and schools to continue many of their operations with the help of virtual communication platforms. 

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