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Tech Manager’s Roadmap To Presentation Switchers

Tech Manager’s Roadmap To Presentation Switchers

Today, sharing content to displays via WiFi and/or the cloud using nothing more than mobile devices is expected by end users. However, it’s the technology manager who is on the line to ensure important presentations are professional and seamless. This level of content delivery is often best handled by a trained operator using hardware specifically designed to switch content sources, cameras, combine images, and more.

Presentation switchers are the hot ticket item in today’s market, and they come in many flavors with a lot of features, said Trish Gussler, CTS, Quality Manager at FSR. “Look for useful features, but try not to over-complicate things with too many bells and whistles,” she warned. “Determine your wants vs. needs, vs. ease of use. Take a good look at the project budget and take it from there. Make that list and check it twice!”

Whether the design is for a small venue classroom, boardroom, a large venue, or an auditorium, in the end it all comes down to user needs.

To learn more about the needs analysis process, preview new switchers, and learn from experts in the field, please download our new Tech Manager's Roadmap to Presentation Switchers.

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