WyreStorm’s ‘Connect & Project’ Aims Spotlight on Direct HDBaseT Connectivity

WyreStorm’s ‘Connect & Project’ Aims Spotlight on Direct HDBaseT Connectivity

WyreStorm aims to bring the world of direct HDBaseT connectivity into sharper focus with the release of their ‘Connect and Project’ resource that reveals the value in partnering with leading digital projector and AV component manufacturers.

Whether HDBaseT Class A, Class B, or the latest HDBaseT 2.0, WyreStorm has emphasized interoperabiity between its products and connected device manufacturers by actively developing partnerships with some of the leading industry brands to highlight the benefits the technology offers component manufacturers, with ‘Connect & Project’ serving as the culmination of those efforts.

Part explanation, part proposition, part product resource, Connect & Project seeks to cut through some of the uncertainty that still surrounds HDBaseT to highlight the immense benefits of the technology for manufacurers of devices with HDBaseT inputs.

“Although HDBaseT technology is becoming more and more of a standard, there is still some confusion in the industry over connectivity and levels of control available,” Adrian Ickeringill WyreStorm EMEA general manager. “We have worked closely over the past two years with leading connected device manufacturers, such as Sony, Epson, Panasonic, Digital Projection, Integra, and Onkyo to test and qualify connectivity into their HDBaseT-enabled products. The Connect & Project document has been designed to better explain the flexibility of HDBaseT inter-compatibility and the range of options available from WyreStorm, with over 50 licensed devices and over five years experience with the technology.”

Connect & Project aims to dispel the view held in some AV circles that HDBaseT is a technology found on distribution equipment rather than AVRs, projectors, or display devices . “At first glance, it may seem counterintuitive to better inform component manufacturers of the HDBaseT signal receiving capabilities of their products as we are effectively decreasing the market for our own receiver devices,” said Ickeringill. However, WyreStorm believe education is a far more positive tool than ignorance in generating business. It fosters closer relationships with leading brands and increases their understanding of the practical applications of a technology on which an important portion of our business is based. In our experience, this appreciation creates a more persuasive argument for HDBaseT transmission and actually increases demand for additional WyreStorm HDBaseT products, such as matrix switchers, presentation switchers or standalone transmission solutions.”

In addition, Connect & Project also offers a wealth of information on how to implement HDBaseT transmission within projects, with the WyreStorm HDBaseT product range divided into easy to digest sections covering 2K and 4K single source or multiple multi-format source integration to HDBaseT-enabled devices, point-to-point HDBaseT transmission, HDBaseT presentation switchers and 2K and 4K matrix switchers. Each section offers application diagrams to illustrate how systems can be created and details on all models within the WyreStorm HDBaseT range, including key features and a product interoperability listing and to help take the guesswork out of product specification.

Finally, as active supporters of our HDBaseT-enabled partner manufacturers and the HDBaseT Alliance, Connect & Project includes details of compatible projector brands and a comprehensive listing of currently tested models, as well as HDBaseT wiring guidelines as set out by the Alliance.

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