Cross Pointe Ministries Selects WorxAudio Technologies

Cross Pointe Ministries Selects WorxAudio Technologies

A central cluster consisting of six WorxAudio Technologies X1i-P powered line array elements is augmented by two WorxAudio TL218SS-P powered subs.
From humble beginnings in 2004, Cross Pointe Ministries pastors Kevin and Lesia Rea have grown their church from an initial 54 members into a much larger organization of approximately 700 members. The Cross Pointe Ministries campus in Tupelo, MS has been expanded in phases and most recently, the church celebrated the opening of a new building that provides seating capacity for over 1,000 worshippers. To ensure a high level of speech and music reproduction capabilities throughout the seating areas, the church installed a new sound system with components drawn from the TrueLine catalog of Greensboro, NC-based WorxAudio Technologies.

Terry Hayes, owner of Tupelo, MS-based Pro Concert Music, a full service commercial sound services company that specializes in the church and education markets, was contracted to design and deploy the church's new sound reinforcement system. After discussions with church management to ascertain their goals for the system, Hayes deployed a central cluster consisting of six WorxAudio Technologies X1i-P powered line array elements augmented by two WorxAudio TL218SS-P powered subwoofers, one on each side of the stage area.

"In addition to consistent sound coverage, we were very concerned about the visual aesthetics of the space and, on that note, wanted to minimize line of sight issues," Hayes explained. "For this reason, we elected to install a central loudspeaker cluster. These speakers needed to have broad horizontal dispersion and this was a key factor in our selection of the WorxAudio X1i-P. With a dispersion pattern of 160 degrees horizontal by 10 degrees vertical, we determined that a six-element hang would properly fill the space."

Hayes provided the WorxAudio Technologies support staff with measurements of the room and emphasized the need to ensure coverage across the sanctuary's 120-foot width. "After WorxAudio modeled the space in EASE Focus 2, I proceeded to install the system based upon their recommendations,” he said. “I emphasized the fact that this building is metal construction with a concrete floor, as I was very concerned about echoes. WorxAudio's TrueAim Grid made the process of installing the loudspeakers a remarkably easy task. The bottom of the cluster is positioned 21 feet above the congregation floor and, thanks to the precise throw of the loudspeaker enclosures, echo was held to a minimum. With the congregation in the church, there was no need for acoustical treatment!"

In addition to the six forward-facing loudspeakers, there is an additional X1i-P mounted on the rear of the TrueAim Grid. This loudspeaker is positioned down toward the stage and serves as an on-stage monitoring system. It is completely hidden from the congregation's view.

"The two WorxAudio TL218SS-P subwoofers do a terrific job of providing the low-end punch for the system," Hayes added. "With two 18-inch transducers in each enclosure, there's plenty of low frequency sound from this system. Music plays a prominent role in worship services here, so these subs are a vital part of the overall sound. The fact that the entire system is self-powered was yet another factor that figured prominently in my selection of the WorxAudio equipment, as it minimized noise and power loss from long cable runs and the amps with DSP are part of each enclosure's design. As a result, there was no need to find a space to house a rack of heavy power amps."

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