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Wireless Closed Circuit Rolled Out

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Orlando, FL - Professional Wireless Systems (PWS), a Masque Sound company, is nationally rolling out its Music Box portable, wireless closed circuit "radio station" used extensively by many Feld Entertainment touring shows. Music Box provides synchronized high quality audio to virtually any point in a venue.

Consisting of a compact central transmitter placed near the FOH mixing console and a number of small 'satellite' briefcase units containing receiver, power amplifier and directional antenna, the simple yet powerful system eliminates the need for cables.

Each box is a self-contained unit with a receiver tuned to the "mother" transmitter via a directional antennae capable of pulling a signal hundreds of feet through concrete walls and related interference. The PWS design team included a power amp and connectors and etched a bold arrow on the units to illustrate which way to point them towards the stage.

"We utilize Pelican brand cases, and include an E-V 7100, 2-channel 100 watt amp along with Sennheiser Evolution G2 wireless receiver," explains PWS associate Jason Eskew. "We then modify the transmitter with an RF amplifier that takes it up to the maximum legal limit, to provide a broadcast quality mono or stereo signal virtually anywhere audio is required."

"The Music Box evolved out of our on-going relationship with Feld Entertainment," explains PWS principal James Stoffo. "Their Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey Circus, Disney on Ice and other productions travel up to 15 shows around the world. With multiple concession stands at every venue, they needed a way to provide synchronized audio at each station. This enables attendees walking around the venue to maintain continuity with the program, and also provides them with highly audible public service announcements."

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