Valens Launches Testing Services for Spec 2.0 HDBaseT Products

Valens, the developer of HDBaseT technology and a Recognized Testing Facility for the HDBaseT Alliance, has launched testing and certification services for new products incorporating Spec 2.0 of the HDBaseT Standard.

  • The new testing and certification services conform to the Compliance Test Specification for Spec 2.0 of the HDBaseT standard (CTS 2.0) that has been recently issued and made available for HDBaseT Alliance’s members.
  • Spec 2.0 of the HDBaseT standard was released in August 2013 and brings new functionalities to the original standard, such as multistreaming, daisy-chaining, USB 2.0 support, and fiber as a new transmission medium. The first Spec 2.0-compliant chipset was released to the market in June 2014 and the first Spec 2.0 products are being introduced to the market now.
  • “Testing and certification are important frameworks for increased compliance and interoperability among products in an ever-growing HDBaseT ecosystem. We are happy to provide this service to HDBaseT members as they introduce the first Spec 2.0 products," said Peretz BenHaviv, head of Valens’ Recognized Testing Facility (RTF).
  • “Since the launch of HDBaseT in 2010, the Alliance has focused on certification, compliance and standardization of HDBaseT products. With the availability of testing and certification for both Spec 1.0 and Spec 2.0, our goal is to certify every HDBaseT product in the market today," shared Ariel Sobelman, president, HDBaseT Alliance.
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