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155 Million Saw OOH Digital Displays in '09, Study Reveals

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Over the past several years, Arbitron has worked closely with out-of-home video display networks in order to help advertisers appraise their value proposition as media vehicles. On the whole, the public’s reaction to place-based TV networks has been exceedingly positive. Consumers seem to particularly welcome video news and entertainment programming in areas where they need to wait, such as store checkout lines, mall food courts or while riding mass transportation.

Out-of-home advertising, in its many forms, has proven to be an effective way to reach busy consumers. Instead of relying on the medium to bring the consumer to the message, advertisers use OOH campaigns to put the message in the path of consumers as they go about their day. Digital video display networks take OOH advertising to the next level. They are designed to stand out in cluttered environments and engage shoppers at the moment when the buying decision is being made. In many cases, they are the “last voice” to influence consumers before the purchase event.

Two-thirds of American adults have seen a digital video screen in a public venue in the past month. Sixty-seven percent of U.S. residents aged 18 or older recalled seeing a digital video display in at least one of the 17 locations listed in the table below in the past month; that translates to more than 155 million American adults. Of those who recalled seeing a digital video display in the past month, 76 percent noticed screens at multiple venues.

More than half of American adults have seen a digital video display in a retail environment in the past month. Fifty-three percent of U.S. residents aged 18 or older have noticed a digital video display at a retail location such as a grocery store, large retailer/department store, drug store, shopping mall or convenience store in the past month.

Nearly one in five adults have seen a digital video screen in a restaurant or bar. Eighteen percent of Americans aged 18 or older have seen a digital video display in a place serving food or beverages in the past month; 14 percent have noticed an OOH digital video display in a restaurant and 8 percent (of adults aged 21 or older) have seen a display in a bar.

For more information, download the survey at: http://www.arbitron.com/downloads/digital_video_display_study_2009.pdf


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