Insight Media University Announces Technology Courses

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Insight Media University has announced the availability of 13 technology courses in their School of Digital Signage, in addition to 80 courses in the following Schools of Learning:

• School of 3D Technology
• School of Display Technology
• School of Green AV
• School of Sales & Management
• School of IT & Networking
• School of Design & Installation
• School of Technology

IMU offers a variety of training courses for AV, IT, Digital Signage, Display, and Consumer Electronics professionals. Course levels range from beginner to intermediate and advanced courses. Standard course lengths range from 1-2 hours.

IMU provides three options for course delivery:
• Online courses at
• Onsite delivery at company locations
• Webinar delivery

The following courses are offered in the School of Digital Signage:

• Turning on Digital Signage: Online, onsite, webinar
• Understand Digital Signage Customers: Onsite, webinar
• Digital Signage Content Creation: Onsite, webinar
• The 7 Key Elements of Digital Signage: Onsite, webinar
• Developing the Roadmap of a Digital Signage Project: Onsite, webinar
• 25 Ways to Boost Your Digital Signage Business: Onsite, webinar
• Digital Signage in Healthcare: Onsite, webinar
• Digital Signage in Education: Onsite, webinar
• Digital Signage in Corporations: Onsite, webinar
• Digital Signage in Retail: Onsite, webinar
• Introduction to Video Walls: Onsite, webinar
• Introduction to Planning and Logistics: Onsite, webinar
• The Art of Measurement: Onsite, webinar

Online courses are priced individually, but group discounts are available to companies or organizations for multiple students.

For more information, including a full list of IMU’s course offerings:


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