Sensible Solutions

Sensible Solutions
  • Though Sensory Technologies has its headquarters in Indianpolis, IN, it also has branches in Chicago, Dayton, Charlotte, and Fort Wayne.Sensory Technologies has made its name through a commitment to providing solutions to its customers. The Indianapolis, IN-based integration company has taken a unique approach to the market by placing emphasis on the IT side of contracting, becoming a one-stop-shop for all AV needs.
  • Sensory Technologies came about when the two largest integrators in Indianapolis merged-Video Images and the integration division of Markey's Audiovisual. Andrew Sellers, one of three principle owners that oversees operations, explained, "The company was the result of two strong aspects coming together: one being a solid installation and engineering focus in AV, the other a more innovative entity in the video conference and IT infrastructure space. With those two facets merging, it produced a strong, well-rounded company." The company now has branches in Chicago, Dayton, Charlotte, and Fort Wayne.
  • A major focus of the company has been to develop its IT understanding. "We have found the need to evolve into a more IT-focused company," Sellers said. "Our Director of Technology holds an MCSE [Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer], we have another engineer about to get his, and we're about to hire a third. We have a tremendous focus on the network, and we think that's important to the lifespan of our company."
  • With this direction, Sensory has had to adjust its approach with customers, to show its dedication to total solutions. "We're not interested in being a box house," Sellers explained. "We need to sell solutions, and that comes from our customers. That means we're getting paid for our intellectual property-not just equipment. We're being paid for design and engineering, services which were often given away in the old business model."
  • Derek Paquin, director of business development for Sensory, agreed with Sellers. "When you're talking about a solution rather than a product, you need the right process, structure, and personal to be able to put that together," he said. "Our point person evaluates and tries to understand the operation of the organization we're talking to-not only the short-term needs we need to solve, but what their long-term roadmap is to become more efficient and productive. How do we put a long-term plan in place to achieve those things? It's not through just one product. They need a full solution and a plan to put it in place."
  • To achieve a solution, Sensory has several divisions that provide service to its clients. Paquin explained, "Our engineering staff focuses on the technology and designing the pieces to the solution to make sure everything we've defined is achieved. Our project managers get involved to make sure that they implement the solutions seamlessly, and continue to be involved with that organization throughout the long-term implementation. So they keep the proper communication in place, with outside organizations as well, to make sure the integration of all the systems is correct."
  • Sensory Technologies is committed to providing solutions, but what makes it stand out is the investment it has made in its customers. Sellers explained, "The commitment to training and sophisticated engineering all costs money. We have a significant investment in that approach to business. Because of this we attract customers who need a partner and a valuable resource. They need someone who's able to come up with solutions to their complex problems. We're passionate about the infrastructure we've created because it delivers results for our clients."