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XL-BYG Sees Potential to Boost Profits with Digital Signage Network

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Scandinavia’s largest do-it-yourself hardware store chain, XL-BYG, has launched a digital signage network in its stores after a three-month trial revealed revenue lifts resulting from the display screens. Nuppenau, a Scala Certified Partner in Denmark, was selected to implement the network that consists of more than 750 screens in more than 120 locations.

“This new media is generating more sales and makes cross-selling more likely. Another big benefit is that we are now able to give customers product demonstrations in the store using the same system. We can show a lot of different content, which suits our strategy perfectly,” said Nicolai Aaboe, Interior Manager, XL-BYG.

Next steps for the XL-BYG network include using Scala software to develop locally adjusted content and way-finding systems featuring touchscreens to improve the shopping experience even more for customers.



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