Tips for System-Level HDMI Issues -

Tips for System-Level HDMI Issues

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“When our customers run in to system-level HDMI issues, we often suggest using the EMX-AUD-HD in the signal path and, in virtually all instances, the problems go away,” explained Ali Haghjoo, Hall Research CEO.

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“Besides its ability to extract the audio from the HDMI signal, it negotiates EDID and HDCP on its input independent of the output which effectively mediates between incompatible components,” he added.

Haghjoo also explained that the EMX-AUD-HD equalizes the TMDS video signal to compensate for the signal loss in long cables, re-clocks all video and secondary data channels (DDC, CEC, HPD), and is powered directly from the HDMI input—so no additional power supplies are needed.

The 411 on the EMX-AUD-HD

• Audio Extractor for HDMI with EDID management, cable equalization, audio and video status indication, and USB port for connection to a PC.

• It can extract digital and analog audio from HDMI, extend HDMI cable length, pass-thru or learn EDID from any display, and re-clock both TMDS video and DDC data.

• It can diagnose and analyze HDMI problems.

• Multi-color LED's on the unit indicate EDID routing and provide real-time indication of the HDMI video and audio type.

• The audio outputs include both analog and multi-channel digital TOSLINK. Each of the audio outputs can be independently muted, including the audio in the HDMI output.

• It constructs an EDID table (capabilities list) for the source either from internal memory or from the connected output. The internal EDID data can be "learned" from the output, or uploaded to it from a PC via the USB port. Free Windows PC software is available on the product's website that allows reading, saving, manipulating, and writing EDID tables to and from the unit.

• The EMX-HD-AUD is HDMI 1.3 and 1.4 (deep-color and 3D) compatible, and automatically compensates for the signal degradation caused by long video cable runs of up to 50 feet (15 m) on its input and can drive HDMI cables on its output to 30 feet (10 m).


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