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RGB Provides Monitoring at Mairie de Colombes EOC

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Mairie de Colombes is a suburb located in the northwest corner of Paris, France. With over 83,000 citizens, the town has a sophisticated municipal EOC (Emergency Operations Center) for surveillance and security, with RGB Spectrum playing a major part.

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For a new video wall project at police headquarters, city managers turned to French AV integrator AGELEC to design a sophisticated system for monitoring IP-based security cameras located around the city. AGELEC selected RGB Spectrum's MediaWall 4200 as the foundation of the system.

The EOC's video wall is comprised of eight narrow bezel NEC 46-inch panels, each with 1366x768 pixel resolution, arranged in a 4x2 array. Video from each security camera is routed via fiber cable to the EOC, decoded, and then sent to eight network video recorders (NVRs). Each NVR connects to the MediaWall processor, which allows security personnel to monitor groups of 48 cameras at a time. Control of the video wall is provided by AGELEC software.

AGELEC selected the MediaWall 4200 because of its module architecture, picture-in-picture (PIP) capability, ease of use, and high degree of reliability. These advantages stem from the fact that the MediaWall 4200 is based on a dedicated architecture, rather than a PC. This was a key factor in its selection.

Jean Michel Lanco, CEO of AGELEC, saw a comprehensive demonstration of the MediaWall 4200 at a Paris exhibition, and convinced the Mairie de Colombes police department that this was the right product. "I invited members of the department to the trade show to see for themselves," said Lanco. "They agreed that the MediaWall 4200 was extremely simple to use, with the ability to display more images on fewer screens than competitive products, with real-time display capability. Their response was very positive."


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