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New Products: July 2010

New Products: July 2010

Gefen Fast Switching Technology

Gefen HDMI v1.3 products are capable of using new fast switching technology. This new technology is designed to better handle HDCP handshaking, which in the past could take up to ten seconds in transition when switching between sources. With FST enabled, those ten seconds are reduced to nearly no delay when switching sources, with high definition video appearing on the screen with no latency. FST is currently being implemented on all current and newly developed Gefen products using HDMI specifications.

Contemporary Research 232-MCT

Contemporary Research’s 232- MCT Mono Caption Tuner offers solutions to educational and institutional applications needing analog cable tuning and integration. The 232-MCT includes features of its predecessors to create a low cost, commercial tuner. Able to tune in analog cable channels at standard, IRC and HRC modes, the video output features onscreen closed captioning for ADA compliance, channel numbers and ID, and system-generated text. The tuner saves an AV input for projectors by using its AV input to switch between an existing AV source and TV channels.

Extron HDCP-Compliant HDMI and DVI Matrix Boards

Extron Electronics’ HDCP-compliant DVI and HDMI matrix boards for the SMX System MultiMatrix, Extron’s modular, field-configurable matrix switching platform are available in I/O sizes from 4x4 to 8x8. The new SMX DVI Pro and SMX HDMI matrix boards are HDMI 1.3 compatible and have been designed with a number of key, intelligent technologies for AV integration, including HDCP status reporting and compliance checking, which actively reads and reports HDCP status for all connected sources and displays. Extron SMX DVI Pro and HDMI matrix boards also feature input equalization output reclocking.

EV ZXA1 Loudspeaker

Electro-Voice’s ZXA1 is the self-powered version of the ZX1 compact two-way loudspeaker. The ZXA1 is powered by an 800- watt amplifier module, and is designed for tours and events. ZXA1’s professionalgrade eight-inch woofer and one-inch titanium compression driver complete the equation, providing a level of sonic performance in a compact two-way loudspeaker.

Williams Sound Digi-Wave

Williams Sound’s new Digi-Wave digital spread spectrum (DSS) wireless listening system is a two-way wireless listening system in the 2.4 GHz band. Digi-Wave systems feature portable DLT-100 transceivers for one- or two-way operation and DLR-50 receivers for digital, one-way listening applications. Fifteen-channel simultaneous use is available in one-way operation. Four-channel simultaneous use is available in two-way operation. With patented frequency hopping technology, Digi-Wave minimizes interference from other devices, and 2.4 GHz operation is harmonized for use in most countries.

Atlona 16x16:2 Pro HDMI Matrix Switch

Atlona’s AT-PROHD1616M-SR is a 16x16:2 HDMI matrix switch. The PROHD1616M unit features sixteen HDMI 1.3 inputs, and sixteen switchable HDMI and twisted pair outputs to feed sixteen separate displays simultaneously. Each output features one HDMI and two twisted pair connections where both are active at the same time. Twisted pair outputs are used to connect to the 16 included receiver modules.

SurgeX XN120

SurgeX’s XN120 is a protection solution for multi-circuit AV systems where space is at a premium. This compact 120 Volt/80 Amp unit is hardwired as a subpanel at the service panel or the equipment room and is designed to provide failsafe protection required for multiple circuits. Engineered with professional grade advanced series mode surge elimination technology and impedance tolerant EMI/RFI noise filtering, the XN120 is the only NEMA enclosure protection product in the market that eliminates surges and transients that can degrade AV system performance and shorten service life. The XN120 frees up valuable rack space and eliminates the need for individual powerline conditioners.

LifeSize Communications Wowza

LifeSize Communications has licensed the Wowza Media Server 2 software to support the delivery of streaming video via LifeSize Video Center. Organizations are increasingly using video communications to share knowledge and communicate critical information. The unified streaming capabilities of Wowza Media Server 2 provide solutions to broadly extend the high definition video experience to desktop and mobile participants. Wowza software is part of LifeSize Video Center, a solution that enables 20 concurrent recordings in HD, 1000 simultaneous live streams and up to 350 simultaneous on-demand streams, all in crisp, 720p30 HD video.

Crestron Cameo Wireless Dimmers And Switches

Crestron’s Cameo lighting and control solutions feature InfiNET EX wireless mesh network technology. Advanced infiNET EX technology builds on the foundation of its predecessor, infiNET, by supporting up to 100 devices connected to a single gateway. Each unit functions as a wireless expander, increasing effective range and reinforcing the complete network by providing multiple redundant signal paths. The latest Cameo wireless switches and dimmers designed to complement many decors. Variable-intensity white LED indicators provide instant lighting feedback, with illumination levels that automatically adjust for optimum visibility in all lighting conditions. A wide selection of popular colors, field replaceable bezels and rockers, and custom engraved buttons delivers maximum convenience and flexibility.

Yamaha MY8-SDI-ED Card

Yamaha’s MY8-SDI-ED card is compatible with all Yamaha digital mixing consoles and DME series digital mixing engines. Offering from eight to 64 I/O channels, it can also provide input and output of HD-SDI embedded audio signals. Featuring one HD/SD-SDI input, two HD/SD-SDI outputs, and one through-output, each MY8-SDI-ED card is able to de-embed up to two of the four audio groups, multiplexed in an HD-SDI signal, and can embed two audio groups into an HD/SD-SDI signal for output. As with all Yamaha MY Series cards, the new MY8-SDI-ED card is designed for use in the optional I/O slots of the company’s digital mixers and mix engines and enables direct interface to EtherSound, CobraNet, AES/EBU, MADI, ADAT, Dante, and other formats.

QVS 300 Meters VGA/WUXGA

QVS’ 300 Meter VGA/WUXGA features an audio multi-port single Cat- 5e extender kit that sends VGA video and audio using a single Cat-5e RJ45 cable. The transmitter module features built-in 4-port RJ45 D/A with loop-out for local screen and speaker system. Receiver module has dual-output VGA/ audio that allows you to connect two sets of screens and speakers, has gain and EQ control for optimal picture, and an extra RJ45 port to daisy-chain up to three levels. It supports resolutions from 640x480 at 60Hz at 300 meters to 1600x1200 at 60Hz to 100 meters.

projectiondesign FR12

projectiondesign’s FR12 Remote Light Source DLP projector relocates the lamp from the projector to a rack-mount enclosure that can be positioned up to 30 meters from the projector head, with light passing from source to head via a liquid light guide cable. The result is a compact projector that combines image quality with installation flexibility and silent operation. Integrators benefit from simplified installation owing to the removal of ventilation and orientation challenges.

Tripp Lite Console Servers

Tripp Lite has introduced two new Compact IP-capable Console Servers equipped with three and four RJ45 serial ports. Designed for use in sites with limited equipment space, they give network managers low-cost, highly secure access, from any location, to all of their networkand serial-connected devices and power infrastructures. They are designed for use in places where space is tight and where it is impractical to keep IT staff, timeconsuming to send staff and expensive to bring in outside contractors.

Altinex TNP125 And TNP126

Altinex has added the TNP125 and TNP126 Interconnect Boxes to its line of Tilt Plug interconnect solutions. Available in two form factors to blend into a variety of boardroom and presentation space decors, the new Altinex TNP125 and TNP126 Interconnect Boxes offer simple, one touch access for easy access to presentation systems. The Altinex TNP125 interconnect box is offered in a rectangular form factor while the TNP126 is round.

Calibre HQView510 Processor

Calibre UK’s HQView500 series of image processors are designed for professional AV applications. The HQView510 is based on the HQView500 base model, adding geometry correction and edgeblending for multi-projector tiling on flat screens. Like the HQView500, the 510 model boasts 3G-SDI input and output capability, as well as backwards compatibility with HD-SDI and SD-SDI formats, making it suitable for use not just with video playback and projection products, but with legacy hardware as well.

Chief Manufacturing CoPilot

Chief Manufacturing’s CoPilot modular, all-in-one classroom AV system is easy-to-install, user-friendly, and fully upgradeable. A benefit for systems integrators, administrators, teachers, presenters, and students alike, CoPilot is intended to combine components with a host of features to offer a template of functionality that works with virtually any multimedia device. Expanding and improving upon standards established by other modular classroom AV systems, CoPilot is ideally suited for K-12 schools or any room under 160 square feet. This new AV room system includes wireless RF microphone technology, fire alarm override, high performance five-inch plenum speakers, professionalgrade cabling, and a simple interface.

Editor’s pick
EAW JF And JFNT Series Loudspeakers

EAW is adding ten new additions to its JF Series of high-definition two-way loudspeaker systems, including four integrated NT models. The new JF and JFNT Series are scalable, compact lightweight loudspeakers ideal for a multitude of small and medium-sized sound reinforcement applications. The newest additions to the JF Series of two-way loudspeakers include JF8, JF10, JF26, JF29, JF56, and JF59, packing more capability and application flexibility into the compact series. New integrated JFNT units include JF26NT, JF29NT, JF56NT, and JF59NT.

Black Box MediaCento XD

Black Box Corporation’s MediaCento XD extenders is intended to enable the extension of DisplayPort audio and video over ordinary UTP copper cable, the modular, signal-conversion devices also communicate with existing HDMI/DVI source equipment and display devices. The DisplayPort 1.1a compatible MediaCento XD transmitter can be plugged into a DisplayPort HD electronics device and, using ordinary Cat-5e or Cat-6 cabling, extend signals up to 600 feet to a MediaCento XD DisplayPort Receiver or MediaCento XD HDMI/DVI Receiver attached at a screen. The transmitter can also be ordered with HDMI/DVI input for use with existing digital AV players and other source equipment.

d&b ArrayCalc V6 Software

d&b audiotechnik’s ArrayCalc simulation software Version 6 introduces a number of realistic functions. Included in these is a selection of different excitation signals, sine, 1/3 octave filtered noise or pink noise, for the simulation of the sound level distribution and absolute sound pressure level. Every loudspeaker type is now an exact model of the real system, with all available settings such as Line/Arc, CUT, HFC, or INFRA. For all arrays and their individual elements the system headroom before gain reduction is calculated to obtain realistic and reproducible results. The 3D Plot SPL level mapping is designed to calculate and display the energy level summation of all activated arrays at chosen frequency bands for all selected listening areas, with an optional complex summation in the LF band.

FSR Ceiling Boxes

FSR’s ceiling boxes are designed to conceal equipment above the tiles and blend with existing decor. The units are available in two sizes and six varieties with numerous options to accommodate a variety of audio/video applications including classrooms, conference and meeting rooms. A white rim style door that is inserted into any ceiling tile is included on all boxes as standard. Designed for classrooms, FSR’s CB-12 provides an external AC receptacle facing the room in a two-foot by one-foot enclosure fitted into the ceiling surface. The box features four additional un-switched AC receptacles inside the enclosure, two shelves to mount two half-rack control or AV equipment, and knockouts to allow wiring. A fan kit and a variety of mounting kits are available as options.

Bosch Vari- Directional Array

Bosch’s Vari-directional Array is designed to provide directive sound technology with low-profile looks, and straightforward installation and configuration. Bosch’s active line array is intended for speech intelligibility and overall audio quality in commercial audio, with digital directivity to provide pattern control and distribution for ranges of up to 50 meters. The system is ideal for counteracting the reverberant effect of hard construction materials typically used in spaces such as airports of houses of worship, while electrical beam steering optimizes coverage without wasting output energy on ceilings or empty spaces above the listening area.

Behringer Eurocom SN2000 Series Mixer-Amplifiers

Whether you have a straightforward application, such as paging and background music, or a more complex install in a conference room or presentation facility, the SN2000 series provides performance in a compact, stylish and easy-to-use mixer-amplifier. The SN2000 Series’ high-efficiency design can significantly reduce operating costs, creating a smaller carbon footprint—while providing audio quality and increased functionality over existing systems. The SN2000 Series consists of six integrated mixer-amplifiers, each with three mic/line and two music/program inputs in a variety of output power options.

Hitachi CP-X2511 3LCD Projector

Hitachi’s CP-X2511 3LCD projector is designed for medium-size classrooms and boardrooms. The CP-X2511 offers XGA resolution and a variety of features dedicated to easy maintenance. In addition, the lamp door is on the top while the filter cover slides in and out from the front bottom, making maintenance and replacement of these parts easier. The CP-X2511 features 16 Watts of built-in audio and, with its Audio Pass Through function, the projector can output audio in stand-by mode, designed to allow audiences to listen to external speakers via the projector’s audio output. Moreover, the projector’s Power Saving Mode reduces the stand-by power consumption to 0.5W.

Sharp PN-V601

Sharp introduces its first professional LCD monitor with LED backlighting, designed specifically for video wall applications. The full array LED-backlighting offers bright and uniform picture quality with low power consumption. With a slim profile, the new 60-inch class PNV601 can be used in a variety of signage and commercial display applications, in both landscape and portrait mode. For video wall configurations, the 60-inch class screen size enables a large wall to be created with fewer monitors, for a reduction in installation costs as well as power savings. Additionally, with an ultra-slim bezel that measures just over 1/8th of an inch at the left side/top and 1/11th of an inch at the right side/bottom of the panel, seam area between monitors is less obtrusive.

Samsung Techwin SAMCAM 860

Samsung Techwin’s SAMCAM 860 stands out from other document cameras with a set of standard features. With a 6x optical and 8x digital zoom for a combined 48x focal length, SXGA display output and recording of movies with audio at 30fps, the SAMCAM 860 is the ideal classroom presentation solution. It has compatibility with webcam applications such as SKYPE, a built-in Macro and Microscope mode, and uses high-resolution CMOS technology.

RTS Intercom Systems Zeus III Digital Intercom Matrix

RTS’ Zeus III Digital Intercom Matrix offers 32 channels IN/ OUT and two configurable party-line interface channels. The Zeus III represents the next generation of compact intercom system units, giving more options for intercom configurations. The unit’s compact size is perfect for environments with limited space and, with the addition of ethernet, Zeus III can be configured from virtually anywhere on a network using AZedit Intercom software. Alternatively, Zeus III can be directly connected to AZedit configuration software through the use of the USB connector on the front panel, or the serial or ethernet connectors on the rear panel.

Kramer Presentation Switcher

Kramer Electronics’ VP-27 presentation switcher is designed for a wide variety of presentation and multimedia applications. The VP-27 offers the benefit of three independent video switchers in one unit. The VP-27 is capable of passing computer graphics video, S-video, and composite video at high bandwidth, all with accompanying unbalanced audio signals. The multi-function VP-27 is a compact, one box, and high-performance solution for installations that would otherwise require three separate products. The multi-format VP-27 switcher is designed to combine the functions of a 4x1 switcher for computer graphics video signals with audio, a 4x1 switcher for S-video signals with audio, and a 4x1 switcher for composite video signals with audio.

RTI T3-V+ Universal System Controller

The T3-V+ is a powerful controller wrapped in a design from Remote Technologies Incorporated. The third generation of the T3 system controller, the T3-V+ is enhanced with an updated hard button configuration including five soft keys, which is designed to allow for future custom button engraving options from RTI. The T3-V+ also features a dual RF board technology, which will support both 433 MHz RF for one-way control and 2.4 GHz Zig- Bee for bidirectional communication with RTI processors and supported third-party electronics like music servers, lighting, and even web-based RSS feeds for convenient weather updates.

Premier Mounts UNI-DS +AUDIO Digital-Signage Mount

Premier Mounts’ UNI-DS+AUDIO enhances digital signage video messages with stereo sound. Digital signage components may be stored in the integrated GearBox. A tilt and swivel flat panel mount is attached to a stylish extension arm, which gives the monitor a horizontal swivel range of +/- 40 degrees. The new mount is intended for public venues including retailers and museums to hotel conference centers to small and large event venues. The universal mount provides its own set of speakers, an advantage when flat-panel displays do not have their own. Designed with an acoustically balanced stereo speaker system that includes 5.25-inch woofers, directional tweeters and a 50-Watt amplifier, the UNI-DS+AUDIO’s dynamic audio system is designed to distribute sound evenly. It also supports multiple audio inputs.

URC In-Wall IP Keypad And Network Base Station

URC’s Network Keypad Solution consists of the KP-4000 2-Way Network Keypad and the MRX-1 Network Base Station. The KP-4000 is an in-wall keypad whose control interface communicates natively with other IP-connected devices in classrooms, boardrooms, and hospitality installations. It is built around a 3.5-inch touch color screen. The MRX-1 base station enables the KP-4000 to issue commands to IR, RS-232, and relay components. The KP-4000 can control most things on an IP network, including AV components like multi-zone AV receivers, energy management devices, PCs, iPods and lighting, via preprogrammed, drag-and-drop two-way modules, as well as traditional components like video projectors and audio systems.

Audio-Technica rcu104 Receiver Coordinator Unit

Audio-Technica’s rcu104 Receiver Coordinator Unit expands SpectraPulse coverage area and robustness of the UWB signal through the use of multiple drm141 Digital Receiver Modules. It also allows a single SpectraPulse system to be shared between two closely-located or adjacent rooms, making it an addition to a SpectraPulse system for fixed installation scenarios, rental staging, and corporate boardroom applications. A new application of UWB technology, SpectraPulse is designed to offer secure wireless operation for the installed sound market, free from RF competition, frequency coordination and white space issues.

Barix Exstreamer And Barionet

The Exstreamer 120 IP audio decoder is designed to serve as the end decode/ receive link for high-quality audio streaming and control over pointto- point or multipoint IP networks. The Exstreamer 120 can also act as a solid-state player for various applications, using the new Barix Digital Message Repeater application. The device carries over features from the popular Exstreamer 110 and adds a MicroSD card slot for added content protection when playing audio direct from the device. The modular Barionet 50 can operate standalone or in concert with other devices, web servers, and control systems for professional applications including access control, machine data collection, and environmental monitoring.

AMX AMXmeetingroom

AMX’s AMXmeetingroom is a configuration tool loaded on a Modero Touch Panel that automatically configures meeting or conference room control systems by answering a series of wizard-based questions. The AMXmeetingroom configuration tool is an advanced solution that configures a control system, generates system configuration files, adds source device modules, updates program files already loaded on the AMX NetLinx Central Controller, and updates the user interface on the Modero Touch Panel. With AMXmeetingroom a user with limited technical proficiency can effectively install a control system in a fraction of the time that would be required by even a highly experienced programmer.

Elo Touchsystems IDS Portfolio

Elo TouchSystems’ IDS portfolio combines acoustic pulse recognition touch screen technology with large format LCD panels. The IDS portfolio offers the digital signage market an industry solution: a display system that incorporates zero-bezel, edge-to-edge glass touch-screen technology into large-format panels specifically built for commercial environments. The Elo TouchSystems acoustic pulse recognition touch technology, which promises consistent touch functionality, is housed in a highly durable, aluminum chassis to ensure interactivity and performance in almost any public-access location. Optional computer modules further optimize media bandwidth and interactivity for the delivery of highly engaging and measurable consumer content.

Genelec 9000A Stereo Volume Control

Genelec’s 9000A Stereo Volume Control provides volume control for all Genelec monitors/loudspeakers. The volume control input and output have 3.5-mm stereo male and female connectors, providing connectivity with most computers and laptops, MP3 players, and game stations. The connecting cable on 9000A is Y-shaped. Past 1 meter from the control knob, the single cable splits into two 1-meter cables, one for audio input, one for audio output. These cables can be obtained from any authorized Genelec dealer. The 9000A is available in three colors: black, silver, and white.

Allen & Heath iLive MixRack

Allen & Heath’s iDR-64 fixed I/O MixRack offers high I/O capacity and a lower cost alternative to the flagship modular iDR10 MixRack. The iDR-64 comprises 64 mic/line inputs and 32 XLR outputs in a 9U frame, and features the iLive 64x32 RackExtra DSP mix engine, providing full processing for all 64 channels and 32 mixes. The RackFX DSP framework provides eight stereo processors capable of high quality FX emulation of industry classics. Each Rack has flexible I/O routing with EQ and Dynamik FXShaper on every dedicated return.

Bretford Juice Power System

Bretford Manufacturing’s Juice Power System is a tool created to help facilities increase connectivity, reduce installation costs, and protect technology equipment. The Juice Power System allows up to four tables and eight computer stations to be powered from a single outlet without the expense of hardwiring or the clutter of individual power strips. The Juice Power System is designed to be a tool-less installation that doesn’t require an electrician or building modification so it can be incorporated into a facility for less than half the cost of most hardwired components. Additionally, the Juice system powers from standard outlets and the tables can be connected in any order to allow the room to remain flexible and easily reconfigured to meet the changing needs of a work environment.

Alcorn McBride iPhone/iPad App

Alcorn McBride’s iPhone/iPad interface application, UDP Remote, is designed for use with the company’s Pro line of Show Controllers. The app allows users to create on-screen buttons to start sequences, turn on/off an output or set a variable. UDP Remote can also be used as a basic operator interface to provide a mobile Operator Control Console (OCC). The operator can interact with the audience and then start the show without being tied down to a specific OCC location. This is intended to encourage show operators and designers to create a more interactive presentation. UDP Remote is designed to work with Alcorn McBride’s V16 Pro and V4 Pro show controllers.

Scalable Display Technologies ScalableDesktop

Scalable Display Technologies’ ScalableDesktop is a software application that is intended to automatically blend and warp arrays of projectors to display seamless Windows 7 or Vista desktops., ScalableDesktop is able to edge blend and warp arrays of up to six projectors to enable almost any standard Windows desktop application to be viewed as an ultra-high resolution display, without requiring external hardware. Ideal for a wide range of applications, including conference rooms, lecture halls, touch walls, wide-screen gaming, commercial and military simulation environments, ScalableDesktop empowers end users to create an ultra-high resolution display of their desktops that is perfectly edgeblended and color corrected.

Sencore Klein K-10 Colorimeter

The newest Sencore measurement tool is the fast, accurate, sensitive, and sturdy Klein K-10 colorimeter, which analyzes and measures light and color for optimized system calibration, even at very low light levels. With 5mm-by-5mm photodiodes and thermally stable components, Sencore’s new meter is a companion product for Sencore’s ColorPro by CalMAN software.

Blonder Tongue DVS-400

Blonder Tongue’s DVS-400 is a video server designed for broadcasting applications, and is designed to be a digital TV Station-In-A-Box solution. It stores hundreds of hours of video or data files, and utilizes a GUI-based software tool that allows 24x7 scheduling of the broadcast timetable a few weeks in advance. Three models are available: DVS-400 provides one analog output in composite or component format, DVS-400-4 provides four analog composite outputs, DVS-400-ASI provides one digital output in ASI format.

Canon REALiS SX7 Mark II D

Canon’s SX7 Mark II D with DICOM Simulation Mode is the latest addition to the REALiS Multimedia Projector lineup. In the medical-education field viewing monochrome digital X-Rays, CAT Scans, and MRI’s with accurate color and precise detail is key, and the REALiS SX7 Mark II D is able to meet this need on a scale much larger than traditional monitors. Like all REALiS projectors, the SX7 Mark II D offers Canon’s LCOS technology. This technology, combined with the projectors native SXGA+ high resolution and impressive lumens of brightness, helps deliver images with color reproduction, fine lines and crisp small text.

SoundTube Three-Inch Raw Frame Speaker

SoundTube Entertainment’s RF31-EZ is a small raw-frame speaker designed for new construction or retrofitting existing installations. The RF31-EZ has a full range, weather resistant three-inch driver with an oversize magnet. Designed to fit in a standard two-gang outlet box, the RF31-EZ has a paintable grille and thermal protection for a long life with high quality sound. The RF31-EZ is a new addition to the 31 Series of surface mount, in-ceiling and in-wall three-inch speakers. This line is designed for high quality sound in a wide range of applications.

Clockaudio Retracta And Litetouch

The Clockaudio Retracta Series boundary layer mics are available in omni-directional and cardioid versions, which can be pressed down into the boardroom table when they are not in use to leave a virtually flush-fit low profile. An automated version of the device is designed to allow the client to raise and retract the microphone head remotely via a logic control system. The touch-sensitive Litetouch device enables users to see the status of on-table microphones at a glance. With no moving parts, the switch is touch-sensitive, so there are no clicking noises when switching from one status to another. The switch has been designed to operate remotely with all popular brands of electronic system control, so an integrator has freedom to assign function and LED color.

Hall Research SC-VHD-HDMI

Hall Research’s SC-VHD-HDMI is a VGA/YPbPr to HDMI converter with audio. It converts and scales either component or PC analog video with audio into an HDMI or DVI-compatible signal. The video processor combines the functions of a video scaler, scan-converter, and format transformer. Applications include connecting a PC or notebook’s VGA video and audio to any HDTV using a single HDMI cable. The SC-VHD-HDMI also includes a horizontal mirroring feature, which is useful for teleprompters and rear-projection systems.

VMP Digital Signage Computer Holder

Video Mount Products’ DS-CH digital signage computer is 11- x seven- x 2.375-inches and is designed to attach to mounting rails in landscape or portrait positions to better hide behind the flat panel, while utilizing tamper resistant hardware. The DS-CH works in conjunction with VMP models FP-LDSB, PDS-LC and PDS-LFT, as well as most other manufacturers’ mounts, which have sufficient clearance for the box.

Adtec Digital HDM I2QAM

Adtec Digital’s HDMI2QAM dual channel high and standard definition MPEG 2 broadcast distribution encoder with built-in QAM modulation and RF upconversion is a solution for high definition video delivery over coaxial cable systems. Primary applications are for use with clear QAM distribution to ATSC televisions. The HDMI2QAM is designed to automatically detect video and audio, encode, multiplex, and generate program information; it then modulates and up-converts two channels for distribution via coax.

Powersoft Armonía

Powersoft’s Armonía Pro Audio Suite sound system management delivers a comprehensive software solution for managing and controlling sound systems of any size or scope that rely on Powersoft amplifiers to drive the speaker systems. Armonía Pro Audio Suite is an ethernet-based, auto-addressing software package that offers full control of all amplifier parameters while accommodating AES3 audio on the same cable.

Sound-Craft Systems Educator Series

Sound-Craft Systems’ WSV-35 and WSV-45 include a locking document camera drawer in place of the folding document camera shelf standard on the WSV-30 and WSV-40. The new models offer the same compact dimensions as the WSV-30 and WSV-40, with a width of 30-inches and 40-inches, respectively, and a common height and depth of 41.5-inches and 27-inches on both models. A keyboard tray, locking doors and front access panel, cable access ports, and three-inch casters are designed to be standard. The interior is partitioned into a CPU tower bay and an equipment bay that can be equipped with either adjustable shelving or 16RU rack rails as options. The WSV-45 also includes a locking accessory drawer.

High Resolution Systems UDC-400

High Resolution Systems’ UDC-400 Universal Device Controller is a software-based control platform that is intended to allow control of devices using IP or serial protocols. It is designed for live events, staging and rental, worship, corporate and industrial, and broadcast markets. The system’s software can be used by itself or with the USB-connected UDC-400-M control panel which features 40 buttons that can be assigned any commands for any device. The panel offers three different pages for a total of 120 programmable buttons. Users can deploy built-in commands for popular devices or add their own commands through the interface or via High Resolution Systems’ technical team.

BitWise Controls App

BitWise Controls’ BitWise Touch is a new app for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch. The app, combined with the BC4X1 automation controller and Project Editor Software, is designed to allow users to control audio video equipment, automation systems, shades, lighting control, security systems and any other device or system that can be controlled by IR, RS232 or IP. When compared to other automation solutions that offer apps, the BitWise solution stands out in several ways, including overall cost of ownership, complete GUI customization capability, and ease of setup and installation.

Platinum Tools ProStrip Wire Strippers

Platinum Tools’ ProStrip wire strippers cuts and strips 10-20 AWG solid and 12-22 stranded, while the ProStrip 16/30 cuts and strips 16-30 AWG solid and 18-32 AWG stranded wire. ProStrip features a precision- ground strip nest for clean strips on solid or stranded CU/AL wire. Non-slip, color-coded handles quickly distinguish tools, and a lock device protects cutting and stripping edges when stored. The opening stop prevents the spring from coming off and becoming disengaged. Curved blades provide easier and cleaner cuts.

Zaxcom TRX900LT Digital Wireless Transmitter

Zaxcom’s TRX900LT digital wireless transmitter features the ability to fully encrypt audio signals for secure audio transmission in corporate and legal settings where sensitive material may need to be protected from signal interception or theft. The TRX900LT bodypack unit combines wireless transmission, recording, and remote control receiving functions into a single low-cost wireless transmitter. To activate the encryption, a TRX900LT user simply enters an encryption code into the transmitting and receiving units. With over 16 million key code combinations, it’s impossible to decode the audio signals without the key.

Porter Case PCi Cases

Porter Case’s PCi cases feature a TSA combination lock that allows you to lock and check your case. It has large four ball bearing wheels, single button extension handle controls, a water/dust resistant gasket, side and end spring loaded carrying handles, tough PP construction, a in built CART to carry up to 150 pounds of baggage on top, and a choice of six different interiors. The Case to CART travel solution comes in four airline carryon sizes with 20-plus interiors to accommodate the various needs of most frequent travelers.

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